The osc_lib.api.auth Module

The osc_lib.api.auth Module

Authentication Library


Auth plugins options builder

Builds dynamically the list of options expected by each available authentication plugin.

osc_lib.api.auth.check_valid_authentication_options(options, auth_plugin_name)

Validate authentication options, and provide helpful error messages

Parameters:required_scope – indicate whether a scoped token is required
osc_lib.api.auth.check_valid_authorization_options(options, auth_plugin_name)

Validate authorization options, and provide helpful error messages.

osc_lib.api.auth.get_keystone2keystone_auth(local_auth, service_provider, project_id=None, project_name=None, project_domain_id=None, project_domain_name=None)

Return Keystone 2 Keystone authentication for service provider.

  • local_auth – authentication to use with the local Keystone
  • service_provider – service provider id as registered in Keystone
  • project_id – project id to scope to in the service provider
  • project_name – project name to scope to in the service provider
  • project_domain_id – id of domain in the service provider
  • project_domain_name – name of domain to in the service provider

Keystone2Keystone auth object for service provider


Gather plugin options so the help action has them available


Gather plugin list and cache it

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