• Updated from global requirements
  • Remove unused Babel setup


  • Updated from global requirements
  • [Fix gate]Update test requirement
  • Fix error when without --regex option
  • Updated from global requirements
  • Add Constraints support
  • Fix typo and change regexp to regex
  • Track failures during sorting of test results


  • Updated from global requirements
  • Handle overlapping black regexes
  • Updated from global requirements
  • Update home-page url
  • Add ostestr as a function
  • Error on invalid list parameter combination
  • Use dash instead of underscore in args
  • Add --black-regex/-B option
  • Allow to specifiy black/white list at the same time
  • Make the listbuilder the default strategy
  • Construct a list of test cases instead of passing a regexp
  • Add support for Python versions
  • Delete openstack/common in flake8 exclude list
  • Save subunit results file when using --no-discover
  • Simplify logic in _get_test_list
  • Remove discover from test-requirements
  • Make subprocess outputs to text for Python 3
  • Fix doc warnings and disable smarty-pants
  • Updated from global requirements
  • Remove the TODO file
  • Make unexpected success as fail
  • Add documentation for generate-subunit
  • Sort failed tests at the top on HTML result page


  • Add whitelist file to ostestr docs
  • Seperate regex builder logic into a seperate module
  • Split functionality out of main
  • Updated from global requirements
  • Fix docs typos
  • Updated from global requirements
  • Fix coverage option and execution
  • Add version option for ostestr and subunit-trace
  • Remove openstack-common.conf
  • Add pypi download + version badges into README.rst
  • remove python 3.3 trove classifier
  • Treat xfail output like success
  • Updated from global requirements
  • correct typo
  • Enable testr run passthrough arguments
  • Updated from global requirements
  • Add unit test for colorizer


  • Support comments in whitelist files
  • Add tool to create a subunit stream
  • py26/py33 are no longer supported by Infra's CI
  • remove python 2.6 trove classifier


  • Add support to ostestr to use subunit-trace color
  • Add subunit_trace --color option's doc
  • Fix documentation typos
  • Fix coverage section in tox.ini
  • Add delete *.pyc command before executing ostestr
  • Change to always parsing classes from test_id
  • Add colored output feature to subunit-trace
  • Add *.egg* to .gitignore
  • Fail if no tests were successfully executed
  • Fix syntax of the README file


  • Force utf8 encoding on subunit attachments output


  • Better blacklist - tested with Nova


  • Add whitelist file support
  • Fix issues with the blacklist file regex generation
  • Use test_to_run var in no-discover
  • Minor refactoring to make os_testr more testable
  • Switch to using autogenerated ChangeLog in docs
  • Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors
  • Handle a skipped test without a reason message
  • Minimize output when --abbreviate is used
  • Make use of argparse groups and add some tests


  • Convert file names to regular expressions
  • Handle incomplete subunit streams
  • Set min pbr version in setup_requires
  • update requirements
  • Add TODO entry for moving away from subprocess in ostestr
  • Improved docs for os-testr commands


  • Dogfood things for unit tests
  • Disable printing percent change on run time by default
  • Misc Python 3 compatibility fixes
  • Catch exception trying to extract test time
  • Fix ValueError in subunit_trace
  • Add support for having comments in the exclude file
  • Add TODO file to os-testr


  • Fix pep8 issues and add apache header to subunit2html
  • Flush out the readme in preparation for the first release
  • Add subunit2html from jenkins slave scripts
  • Ensure failure is printed with --until-failure in pretty mode
  • Add --until-failure option to ostestr
  • Add basic unit tests to check ostestr return codes
  • Add percent change to duration on subunit-trace output
  • Use python APIs to call run modules in ostestr
  • Add ostestr options to control parallelism
  • Fix the testr init subprocess call
  • Improve the arguments for ostestr
  • Fix pep8 issues
  • Fix return code on test run failure
  • Add --pdb flag and fix --no-discover flag
  • Add subunit-trace and ostestr
  • Initial Cookiecutter Commit