Geneve packet parser/serializer

class os_ken.lib.packet.geneve.Option(option_class=None, type_=None, length=0)

Tunnel Options

class os_ken.lib.packet.geneve.OptionDataUnknown(buf, option_class=None, type_=None, length=0)

Unknown Option Class and Type specific Option

class os_ken.lib.packet.geneve.geneve(version=0, opt_len=0, flags=0, protocol=25944, vni=None, options=None)

Geneve (RFC draft-ietf-nvo3-geneve-03) header encoder/decoder class.

An instance has the following attributes at least. Most of them are same to the on-wire counterparts but in host byte order. __init__ takes the corresponding args in this order.






The length of the options fields.


Flag field for OAM packet and Critical options present.


Protocol Type field. The Protocol Type is defined as "ETHER TYPES".


Identifier for unique element of virtual network.


List of Option* instance.

classmethod parser(buf)

Decode a protocol header.

This method is used only when decoding a packet.

Decode a protocol header at offset 0 in bytearray buf. Returns the following three objects.

  • An object to describe the decoded header.

  • A packet_base.PacketBase subclass appropriate for the rest of the packet. None when the rest of the packet should be considered as raw payload.

  • The rest of packet.

serialize(payload=None, prev=None)

Encode a protocol header.

This method is used only when encoding a packet.

Encode a protocol header. Returns a bytearray which contains the header.

payload is the rest of the packet which will immediately follow this header.

prev is a packet_base.PacketBase subclass for the outer protocol header. prev is None if the current header is the outer-most. For example, prev is ipv4 or ipv6 for tcp.serialize.