Configuration for OpenStack clouds.

When first installing an OpenStack cloud there are a number of common up-front configuration tasks that need to be performed. To alleviate the need for different sets of tooling to reinvent solutions to these problems, this package provides a set of tools.

These tools are intended to be well-tested, and available as importable Python modules as well as command-line tools.


  • generate-keystone-pki:
    • Generate a certificate authority and a signing key for use with Keystone Public Key Infrastructure token signing.
  • init-keystone:
    • Initialize Keystone on a host with a provided admin token, admin e-mail and admin password. Also allows optionally changing the region and the public endpoint that Keystone registers with itself.
  • register-nodes:
    • Register nodes with a baremetal service, such as Nova-baremetal or Ironic.
  • setup-endpoints:
    • Register services, such as Glance and Cinder with a configured Keystone.
  • setup-flavors:
    • Creates flavors in Nova, either describing the distinct set of nodes the cloud has registered, or a custom set of flavors that has been specified.
  • setup-neutron:
    • Configure Neutron at the cloud (not the host) level, setting up either a physical control plane network suitable for deployment clouds, or an external network with an internal floating network suitable for workload clouds.

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