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OpenStack-Ansible testing

This is the openstack-ansible-tests repository, providing a framework and consolidation of testing configuration and playbooks. This can be used to integrate new projects, and ensure that code duplication is minimized whilst allowing the addition of new testing scenarios with greater ease.

Role Integration

To enable the openstack-ansible-tests repository, ensure that the tox.ini configuration in the role repository matches the galera_client repository tox.ini with the exception of the value for ROLE_NAME. A more advanced configuration which implements multiple functional test scenarios is available in the neutron role tox.ini.

To override variables you can create a ${rolename}-overrides.yml file inside the role’s tests folder. This variable file can be includes in the functional tox target configuration in tox.ini as demonstrated in the following extract:

ansible-playbook -i {toxinidir}/tests/inventory \
                 -e @{toxinidir}/tests/${rolename}-overrides.yml \
                 {toxinidir}/tests/test.yml -vvvv

In your repositories tests/test.yml file, you can call any of the included playbooks, for example:

- include: common/test-prepare-keys.yml

Network Settings

The networking can be configured and setup using the bridges variable.

The base option, when only 1 interface is required is to specify just a single base - this is only for backwards compatibility with existing test setup and will default to br-mgmt with an IP of

  - "br-mgmt"

To allow a more complicated network setup we can specify ip_addr: The IP address on the interface. netmask: Netmask of the interface (defaults to name: Name of the interface veth_peer: Set up a veth peer for the interface alias: Add an alias IP address

For example, a Nova setup may look like this:

  - name: "br-mgmt"
    ip_addr: ""
  - name: "br-vxlan"
    ip_addr: ""
  - name: "br-vlan"
    ip_addr: ""
    veth_peer: "eth12"
    alias: ""
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