Getting started

Getting started

The openstack-ansible-security role can be used along with the OpenStack-Ansible project or as a standalone role that can be used along with other Ansible playbooks.

Prepare your system

Start by installing ansible and then install the role itself using ansible-galaxy:

pip install ansible
ansible-galaxy install git+

The role will be installed into /etc/ansible/roles/openstack-ansible-security.

Initial configuration

The role’s default configuration is suitable for most Linux hosts. Deployers should review the Deviations & Special Notes section to learn more about how to provide custom configuration for the Ansible tasks in the role.

Using as a standalone role

Adding the openstack-ansible-security role to existing playbooks is straightforward. Here is an example of an existing role for deploying web servers with the security hardening role added:


- name: Deploy web servers
  hosts: webservers
  become: yes
    - common
    - webserver
    - openstack-ansible-security

Using with OpenStack-Ansible

The openstack-ansible-security role is automatically enabled and applied in the Newton release of OpenStack-Ansible. Set the following Ansible variable to enable the role in the Mitaka release of OpenStack-Ansible:

apply_security_hardening: true

For more information, refer to the OpenStack-Ansible documentation on configuring security hardening.

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