OpenStack-Ansible Plugins

These are the plugins the OpenStack-Ansible deployment project relies on. The plugins can be added to any Ansible project by simply cloning this repository and setting up the ansible.cfg file to point at them as additional plugins for your project.


This project provides the Ansible modules:

  • config_template
  • dist_sort
  • glance
  • keystone
  • memcached
  • name2int
  • neutron
  • provider_networks


This project provides the Ansible Jinja2 filters:

  • bit_length_power_of_2
  • netloc
  • netloc_no_port
  • netorigin
  • string_2_int
  • pip_requirement_names
  • pip_constraint_update
  • splitlines
  • filtered_list
  • git_link_parse
  • git_link_parse_name
  • deprecated


This project provides the lookup:

  • with_py_pkgs


This project provides an Ansible callback that will report task profiling timings

Example ansible.cfg file

lookup_plugins = /etc/ansible/plugins/lookups
filter_plugins = /etc/ansible/plugins/filters
action_plugins = /etc/ansible/plugins/actions
library = /etc/ansible/plugins/library

Example role requirement overload for automatic plugin download

The Ansible role requirement file can be used to overload the ansible- galaxy command to automatically fetch the plugins for you in a given project. To do this add the following lines to your ansible-role- requirements.yml file.

- name: plugins
  path: /etc/ansible
  scm: git
  version: master

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