OpenStack-Ansible os_tempest role

This is the Ansible role to deploy OpenStack Tempest.

tags:openstack, cloud, ansible, os_tempest

Basic role example

- role: "os_tempest"

Default variables

## Verbosity Options
debug: False

# Set the package install state for distribution packages
# # Options are 'present' and 'latest'
tempest_package_state: "latest"

tempest_git_install_branch: master
tempest_requirements_git_install_branch: stable/newton
tempest_developer_mode: False
  - "git+{{ tempest_git_repo }}@{{ tempest_git_install_branch }}#egg=tempest"

# Name of the virtual env to deploy into
tempest_venv_tag: untagged
tempest_venv_bin: "/openstack/venvs/tempest-{{ tempest_venv_tag }}/bin"

# The location where the test results will be placed
tempest_log_dir: "/var/log/tempest"

## Tempest Plugins
# By default, no tempest plugins are installed.  Override ``tempest_plugins``
# as follows:
# tempest_plugins:
#   - name: designate-tempest-plugin
#     repo:
#     branch: master
tempest_plugins: []

# Toggle fatal deprecations
tempest_fatal_deprecations: False

# Private network configuration
# Currently supports 2 types
# vlan - will need to make sure your seg id and subnet cidr are correct
# vxlan - default, can change subnet cidr and seg id

# This needs to coincide with tempest_network_tenant_network_cidr and
# tempest_network_tenant_network_mask_bits below
tempest_private_net_name: "private"
tempest_private_subnet_name: "private-subnet"
tempest_private_subnet_cidr: ""
tempest_private_net_provider_type: "vxlan"
tempest_private_net_seg_id: 1

# Public network configuration
# Currently supports 2 types
# Flat - default
# Vlan - make sure you override seg id, cidr, provider and physical
tempest_public_net_name: "public"
tempest_public_subnet_name: "public-subnet"
tempest_public_subnet_cidr: ""
tempest_public_net_provider_type: "flat"
tempest_public_net_physical_type: "flat"
tempest_public_net_seg_id: ""
tempest_public_router_external: "True"
# Example allocation range:
#tempest_public_subnet_allocation_pools: ""
tempest_public_subnet_allocation_pools: ""

tempest_compute_ssh_user: cirros
tempest_compute_image_ssh_user: cirros
tempest_compute_run_ssh: True
tempest_compute_console_output_enabled: True
tempest_compute_resize_enabled: True
tempest_compute_snapshot_enabled: True
tempest_compute_change_password: False
tempest_network_tenant_network_cidr: ""
tempest_network_tenant_network_mask_bits: 28

tempest_dashboard_login_url: "https://{{ external_lb_vip_address }}/auth/login/"
tempest_dashboard_url: "https://{{ external_lb_vip_address }}/"

tempest_service_available_aodh: False
tempest_service_available_ceilometer: False
tempest_service_available_cinder: True
tempest_service_available_glance: True
tempest_service_available_heat: True
tempest_service_available_horizon: True
tempest_service_available_neutron: True
tempest_service_available_nova: True
tempest_service_available_sahara: False
tempest_service_available_swift: True
tempest_service_available_zaqar: False

tempest_image_api_v1_enabled: True
tempest_image_api_v2_enabled: True

tempest_swift_enabled: True
tempest_swift_container_sync: True
tempest_swift_object_versioning: True
  - bulk
  - object
  - container_quotas
  - container_sync
  - slo
  - tempurl

tempest_volume_backend1_name: backend1
tempest_volume_backend2_name: backend2
tempest_volume_backup_enabled: False
tempest_volume_multi_backend_enabled: False

tempest_main_group: tempest_all

  - python-glanceclient
  - python-keystoneclient
  - python-neutronclient
  - python-novaclient
  - virtualenv
  - virtualenv-tools

  - tempest
  - junitxml
  - nose
  - python-ceilometerclient
  - python-cinderclient
  - python-glanceclient
  - python-heatclient
  - python-keystoneclient
  - python-memcached
  - python-neutronclient
  - python-novaclient
  - python-openstackclient
  - python-saharaclient
  - python-subunit
  - python-swiftclient

# Please update SHA in tempest_images below when changing the cirros version.
cirros_version: 0.3.4
tempest_img_url: "{{ cirros_version }}/cirros-{{ cirros_version }}-x86_64-disk.img"
tempest_image_dir: "/opt/images"
  - url: "{{ tempest_img_url }}"
    sha256: "34987d0d5702f8813f3ff9efe90e9e39e6926ec78658763580a79face67f3394"
tempest_image_file: "cirros-{{ cirros_version }}-x86_64-disk.img"
tempest_img_disk_format: qcow2
tempest_img_name: 'cirros'
tempest_enable_instance_password: True

# This variable is used by the repo_build process to determine
# which host group to check for members of before building the
# pip packages required by this role. The value is picked up
# by the py_pkgs lookup.
tempest_role_project_group: utility_all

## Tunable overrides
tempest_tempest_conf_overrides: {}

Required variables


Example playbook

- name: os_tempest role
  hosts: "hosts"
  user: root
    - { role: "os_tempest" }

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