Tacker role for OpenStack-Ansible

Tacker role for OpenStack-Ansible

tags:openstack, tacker, cloud, ansible

To clone or view the source code for this repository, visit the role repository for os_tacker.

Default variables

## Verbosity Options
debug: False
verbose: True

# Set the package install state for distribution packages
# Options are 'present' and 'latest'
tacker_package_state: "latest"
tacker_pip_package_state: "latest"

tacker_git_repo: https://git.openstack.org/openstack/tacker
tacker_git_install_branch: "stable/queens"
tacker_developer_mode: false
  - "git+{{ tacker_git_repo }}@{{ tacker_git_install_branch }}#egg=tacker"

# Name of the virtual env to deploy into
tacker_venv_tag: untagged
tacker_bin: "/openstack/venvs/tacker-{{ tacker_venv_tag }}/bin"

# Set the etc dir path where tacker is installed.
#  This is used for role access to the db migrations.
#  Example:
#  tacker_etc_dir: "/usr/local/etc/tacker"
tacker_etc_dir: "/etc/tacker"

# venv_download, even when true, will use the fallback method of building the
# venv from scratch if the venv download fails.
tacker_venv_download: "{{ not tacker_developer_mode | bool }}"

## System info
tacker_system_user_name: tacker
tacker_system_group_name: tacker
tacker_system_shell: /bin/false
tacker_system_comment: tacker system user
tacker_system_user_home: "/var/lib/{{ tacker_system_user_name }}"

## RabbitMQ info

tacker_rabbitmq_userid: tacker
tacker_rabbitmq_vhost: /tacker
glance_rabbitmq_port: 5672
glance_rabbitmq_use_ssl: False

## Database info
tacker_galera_database: tacker
tacker_galera_user: tacker
tacker_galera_use_ssl: "{{ galera_use_ssl | default(False) }}"
tacker_galera_ssl_ca_cert: "{{ galera_ssl_ca_cert | default('/etc/ssl/certs/galera-ca.pem') }}"

tacker_role_name: admin
tacker_service_port: 9890
tacker_program_name: tacker-server

## Service Type and Data
tacker_service_region: RegionOne
tacker_service_name: tacker
tacker_service_proto: http
tacker_service_type: nfv-orchestration
tacker_service_description: "tacker service"
tacker_service_publicuri: "{{ tacker_service_publicuri_proto }}://{{ external_lb_vip_address }}:{{ tacker_service_port }}"
tacker_service_publicurl: "{{ tacker_service_publicuri }}"
tacker_service_internaluri: "{{ tacker_service_internaluri_proto }}://{{ internal_lb_vip_address }}:{{ tacker_service_port }}"
tacker_service_internalurl: "{{ tacker_service_internaluri }}"
tacker_service_adminuri: "{{ tacker_service_adminuri_proto }}://{{ internal_lb_vip_address }}:{{ tacker_service_port }}"
tacker_service_adminurl: "{{ tacker_service_adminuri }}"
tacker_service_registry_proto: "{{ tacker_service_proto }}"
tacker_service_publicuri_proto: "{{ openstack_service_publicuri_proto | default(tacker_service_proto) }}"
tacker_service_adminuri_proto: "{{ openstack_service_adminuri_proto | default(tacker_service_proto) }}"
tacker_service_internaluri_proto: "{{ openstack_service_internaluri_proto | default(tacker_service_proto) }}"

#NOTE:  move password to tests/test-vars.yml
tacker_service_password: password

## Keystone
tacker_service_project_domain_id: default
tacker_service_project_name: service
tacker_service_user_domain_id: default
tacker_service_user_name: tacker
tacker_keystone_auth_plugin: password

tacker_service_in_ldap: false

# packages that must be installed before anything else
  - virtualenv
  - python-keystoneclient # Keystoneclient needed to OSA keystone lib

## Common pip packages
  - networking-sfc
  - PyMySQL
  - python-heatclient
  - python-tackerclient
  - tacker

## Service Names
  - "tacker-server"

tacker_config_options: --config-file {{ tacker_etc_dir }}/tacker.conf

## tacker config
tacker_heat_stack_retires: 60
tacker_heat_stack_retry_wait: 5

# heat service paramter for tacker.conf
heat_service_adminurl: "{{ tacker_service_publicuri_proto }}://{{ external_lb_vip_address }}:8004/v1"

#NOTE: these default should be updated approprietly
# tacker-horizon uses this
tackerclient_git_url: https://github.com/openstack/python-tackerclient.git
tacker_git_branch: "stable/queens"

# tacker horizon vars
tacker_horizon_venv: "/openstack/venvs/horizon-{{ openstack_release }}"
tacker_horizon_venv_bin: "{{ tacker_horizon_venv }}/bin"
tacker_horizon_enable_path: "{{ tacker_horizon_venv }}/lib/python2.7/site-packages/openstack_dashboard/enabled"
tacker_horizon_git: https://github.com/openstack/tacker-horizon.git

tacker_horizon_dashboard_disable: "False"
  - python-tackerclient

# This variable is used by the repo_build process to determine
# which host group to check for members of before building the
# pip packages required by this role. The value is picked up
# by the py_pkgs lookup.
tacker_role_project_group: tacker_all

## Tunable overrides
tacker_tacker_conf_overrides: {}
tacker_api_paste_ini_overrides: {}
tacker_policy_overrides: {}
tacker_rootwrap_overrides: {}


This role needs pip >= 7.1 installed on the target host.

Example playbook



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