Align octavia API With Neutron LBaaS API

Problem description

For the octavia API to truly be standalone, it needs to have capability parity with Neutron LBaaS’s API. Neutron LBaaS has the luxury of piggy-backing off of Neutron’s API. This gives Neutron LBaaS’s API resources many capabilities for free. This document is meant to enumerate those capabilities that the octavia API does not possess at the time of this writing.

Proposed change

Complete the tasks enumerated in the Work Items section


  • Do nothing and keep the status quo

Data model impact

There will be some minor data model changes to octavia in support of this change.

REST API impact

This change will have significant impact to the octavia API.

Security impact

This change will improve octavia security by adding keystone authentication.

Notifications impact

No expected change.

Other end user impact

Users will be able to use the new octavia API endpoint for LBaaS.

Performance Impact

This change may slightly improve performance by reducing the number of software layers requests will traverse before responding to the request.

Other deployer impact

Over time the neutron-lbaas package will be deprecated and deployers will only require octavia for LBaaS.

Developer impact

This will simplify LBaaS development by reducing the number of databases as well as repositories that require updating for LBaaS enhancements.



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Work Items

Implement the following API Capabilities:

  • Keystone Authentication

  • Policy Engine

  • Pagination

  • Quotas

  • Filtering lists by query parameter

  • Fields by query parameter

  • Add the same root API endpoints as n-lbaas

  • Support “provider” option in the API to select a driver to spin up a load balancer.

  • API Handler layer to become the same as n-lbaas driver layer and allow multiple handlers/drivers.

  • Neutron LBaaS V2 driver to octavia API Handler shim layer

Implement the following additional features that n-lbaas maintains:

  • OSC extension via a new repository ‘python-octaviaclient’

Other Features to be Considered:

  • Notifications for resource creating, updating, and deleting.

  • Flavors

  • Agent namespace driver or some lightweight functional driver.

  • Testing octavia with all of the above

  • REST API Microversioning




Api tests from neutron-lbaas will be used to validate the new octavia API.

Documentation Impact

The octavia api reference will need to be updated.