Test Coverage

The intention is to track merged features or areas of code that lack certain types of tests. This document may be used both by developers that want to contribute tests, and operators that are considering adopting a feature.


Note that while both API and scenario tests target a deployed OpenStack cloud, API tests are under the Neutron tree and scenario tests are under the Tempest tree.

It is the expectation that API changes involve API tests, agent features or modifications involve functional tests, and Neutron-wide features involve fullstack or scenario tests as appropriate.

The table references tests that explicitly target a feature, and not a job that is configured to run against a specific backend (Thereby testing it implicitly). So, for example, while the Linux bridge agent has a job that runs the API and scenario tests with the Linux bridge agent configured, it does not have functional tests that target the agent explicitly. The ‘gate’ column is about running API/scenario tests with Neutron configured in a certain way, such as what L2 agent to use or what type of routers to create.

  • V - Merged
  • Blank - Not applicable
  • X - Absent or lacking
  • Patch number - Currently in review
  • A name - That person has committed to work on an item
Area Unit Functional API Fullstack Scenario Gate
DVR Partial* L3-V OVS-X V amuller X V
L3 HA V V X 196393 X X
L2pop V X   X    
DHCP HA V     amuller    
OVS ARP responder V X*   X*    
OVS agent V Partial   V   V
Linux Bridge agent V X   X   Non-voting
Metering V X V X    
DHCP agent V 136834   amuller   V
rpc_workers           X
Reference ipam driver V         X (?)
MTU advertisement V     X    
VLAN transparency V   X X    
Prefix delegation V X   X    
  • DVR DB unit tests often assert that internal methods were called instead of testing functionality. A lot of our unit tests are flawed in this way, and DVR unit tests especially so. An attempt to remedy this was made in patch 178880.
  • OVS ARP responder cannot be tested at the gate because the gate uses Ubuntu 14.04 that only packages OVS 2.0. OVS added ARP manipulation support in version 2.1.
  • Prefix delegation doesn’t have functional tests for the dibbler and pd layers, nor for the L3 agent changes.

Missing Infrastructure

The following section details missing test types. If you want to pick up an action item, please contact amuller for more context and guidance.

  • The Neutron team would like Rally to persist results over a window of time, graph and visualize this data, so that reviewers could compare average runs against a proposed patch.
  • It’s possible to test RPC methods via the unit tests infrastructure. This was proposed in patch 162811. The goal is provide developers a light weight way to rapidly run tests that target the RPC layer, so that a patch that modifies an RPC method’s signature could be verified quickly and locally.
  • Neutron currently does not test an in-place upgrade (Upgrading the server first, followed by agents one machine at a time). We make sure that the RPC layer remains backwards compatible manually via the review process but have no CI that verifies this.

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