Neutron PTL Office HoursΒΆ

Neutron has evolved into a platform. As part of the broader [“Big Tent”][1] initiative, Neutron has also opened it’s doors to the Neutron Stadium effort. This, combined with the new [Lieutenant System][2], means the PTL is now responsible for leading an increasingly large and diverse group of contributors. To ensure weekly syncs between the PTL and the Lieutenants, as well as to allow for projects under the Neutron Stadium to have a sync point with the PTL, the project is setting up office hours in the #openstack-neutron-release IRC channel. The PTL will use these office hours to allow for questions and syncing with Lieutenants.

The current office hours can be seen on the [OpenStack eavesdrop][3] page.

Please note the #openstack-neutron-release channel is logged to allow the consumption of these discussion by those who cannot make the times above.

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