OpenContrail driverΒΆ

The OpenContrail driver for the BGPVPN service plugin is designed to work jointly with the OpenContrail SDN controller.

OpenContrail proposes a contrail installer script which is similar to devstack, and can be used to deploy a devi/test environment.

  • Clone that OpenContrail installer script:

    git clone
  • Compile and run OpenContrail:

    cd ~/contrail-installer
    cp samples/localrc-all localrc (edit localrc as needed)
    ./ build
    ./ install
    ./ configure
    ./ start
  • Then clone devstack:

    git clone
  • A glue file is needed in the interim till it is upstreamed to devstack:

    cp ~/contrail-installer/devstack/lib/neutron_plugins/opencontrail lib/neutron_plugins/
  • Use a sample localrc:

    cp ~/contrail-installer/devstack/samples/localrc-all localrc
  • add the following to enable the OpenContrail driver for the BGPVPN service plugin:

  • Run