Use from Neutron API CLI

Example commands to use by the admin to create a BGPVPN resource:

neutron bgpvpn-create –route-targets 64512:1 –tenant-id b954279e1e064dc9b8264474cb3e6bd2 neutron bgpvpn-list neutron bgpvpn-update 1009a0f326b6403180c18f3caa1430de –name myBGPVPN –tenant 4a75e08c45f14aa9afc5da081c9bb534

Example commands to use by the tenant owning the BGPVPN to associate a Network to it:

neutron bgpvpn-net-assoc-create myBGPVPN –network 828cddad3b834e79b79abc1b87b6cca0 # returns <net-assoc-uuid> neutron bgpvpn-net-assoc-list myBGPVPN neutron bgpvpn-net-assoc-show <net-assoc-uuid> myBGPVPN

neutron bgpvpn-net-assoc-delete <net-assoc-uuid> myBGPVPN

Use from Horizon

(not supported yet)

Use from Heat

See Heat.