Welcome to Masakari’s developer/operator documentation!

Masakari is an OpenStack project designed to assure high availability of instances and compute processes running on hosts.

The developer documentation provided here is continually kept up-to-date based on the latest code, and may not represent the state of the project at any specific prior release.

This documentation is intended to help explain what the Masakari developers think is the current scope of the Masakari project, as well as the architectural decisions we have made in order to support that scope. We also document our plans for evolving our architecture over time. Finally, we documented our current development process and policies.

Masakari API References

The Masakari API is quite large, we provide a concept guide which gives some of the high level details, as well as a more detailed API reference.

To generate API reference guide issue the following command while the masakari directory is current.

$ tox -e api-ref

Developer Guide

If you are new to Masakari, this should help you start to understand what masakari actually does, and why.

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Versioned Notifications

This provides the list of existing versioned notifications with sample payloads.