How to try out nested-pods locally (VLAN + trunk)

How to try out nested-pods locally (VLAN + trunk)

Following are the instructions for an all-in-one setup where K8s will also be running inside the same Nova VM in which Kuryr-controller and Kuryr-cni will be running. 4GB memory and 2 vCPUs, is the minimum resource requirement for the VM:

  1. To install OpenStack services run devstack with devstack/local.conf.pod-in-vm.undercloud.sample. Ensure that “trunk” service plugin is enabled in /etc/neutron/neutron.conf:

    service_plugins =,
  2. Launch a VM with Neutron trunk port.

  1. Inside VM, install and setup Kubernetes along with Kuryr using devstack:
    • Since undercloud Neutron will be used by pods, Neutron services should be disabled in localrc.
    • Run devstack with devstack/local.conf.pod-in-vm.overcloud.sample. Fill in the needed information, such as the subnet pool id to use or the router.
  2. Once devstack is done and all services are up inside VM. Next steps are to configure the missing information at /etc/kuryr/kuryr.conf:

    • Configure worker VMs subnet:

      worker_nodes_subnet = <UNDERCLOUD_SUBNET_WORKER_NODES_UUID>
    • Configure “pod_vif_driver” as “nested-vlan”:

      pod_vif_driver = nested-vlan
    • Configure binding section:

      driver = kuryr.lib.binding.drivers.vlan
      link_iface = <VM interface name eg. eth0>
    • Restart kuryr-k8s-controller:

      sudo systemctl restart devstack@kuryr-kubernetes.service

Now launch pods using kubectl, Undercloud Neutron will serve the networking.

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