The ironic_lib.disk_partitioner Module

class ironic_lib.disk_partitioner.DiskPartitioner(device, disk_label='msdos', alignment='optimal')[source]

Bases: object

add_partition(size, part_type='primary', fs_type='', boot_flag=None)[source]

Add a partition.

  • size – The size of the partition in MiB.
  • part_type – The type of the partition. Valid values are: primary, logical, or extended.
  • fs_type – The filesystem type. Valid types are: ext2, fat32, fat16, HFS, linux-swap, NTFS, reiserfs, ufs. If blank (‘’), it will create a Linux native partition (83).
  • boot_flag – Boot flag that needs to be configured on the partition. Ignored if None. It can take values ‘bios_grub’, ‘boot’.

The partition number.


Write to the disk.


Get the partitioning layout.

Returns:An iterator with the partition number and the partition layout.

Entry point for oslo-config-generator.

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