Source code for ironic_inspector.rules

# Copyright 2015 Red Hat, Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.

"""Support for introspection rules."""

import jsonpath_rw as jsonpath
import jsonschema
from oslo_db import exception as db_exc
from oslo_utils import timeutils
from oslo_utils import uuidutils
import six
from sqlalchemy import orm

from ironic_inspector.common.i18n import _, _LE, _LI
from ironic_inspector import db
from ironic_inspector.plugins import base as plugins_base
from ironic_inspector import utils

LOG = utils.getProcessingLogger(__name__)

[docs]def conditions_schema(): global _CONDITIONS_SCHEMA if _CONDITIONS_SCHEMA is None: condition_plugins = [ for x in plugins_base.rule_conditions_manager()] _CONDITIONS_SCHEMA = { "title": "Inspector rule conditions schema", "type": "array", # we can have rules that always apply "minItems": 0, "items": { "type": "object", # field might become optional in the future, but not right now "required": ["op", "field"], "properties": { "op": { "description": "condition operator", "enum": condition_plugins }, "field": { "description": "JSON path to field for matching", "type": "string" }, "multiple": { "description": "how to treat multiple values", "enum": ["all", "any", "first"] }, "invert": { "description": "whether to invert the result", "type": "boolean" }, }, # other properties are validated by plugins "additionalProperties": True } } return _CONDITIONS_SCHEMA
[docs]def actions_schema(): global _ACTIONS_SCHEMA if _ACTIONS_SCHEMA is None: action_plugins = [ for x in plugins_base.rule_actions_manager()] _ACTIONS_SCHEMA = { "title": "Inspector rule actions schema", "type": "array", "minItems": 1, "items": { "type": "object", "required": ["action"], "properties": { "action": { "description": "action to take", "enum": action_plugins }, }, # other properties are validated by plugins "additionalProperties": True } } return _ACTIONS_SCHEMA
[docs]class IntrospectionRule(object): """High-level class representing an introspection rule.""" def __init__(self, uuid, conditions, actions, description): """Create rule object from database data.""" self._uuid = uuid self._conditions = conditions self._actions = actions self._description = description
[docs] def as_dict(self, short=False): result = { 'uuid': self._uuid, 'description': self._description, } if not short: result['conditions'] = [c.as_dict() for c in self._conditions] result['actions'] = [a.as_dict() for a in self._actions] return result
@property def description(self): return self._description or self._uuid
[docs] def check_conditions(self, node_info, data): """Check if conditions are true for a given node. :param node_info: a NodeInfo object :param data: introspection data :returns: True if conditions match, otherwise False """ LOG.debug('Checking rule "%s"', self.description, node_info=node_info, data=data) ext_mgr = plugins_base.rule_conditions_manager() for cond in self._conditions: scheme, path = _parse_path(cond.field) if scheme == 'node': source_data = node_info.node().to_dict() elif scheme == 'data': source_data = data field_values = jsonpath.parse(path).find(source_data) field_values = [x.value for x in field_values] cond_ext = ext_mgr[cond.op].obj if not field_values: if cond_ext.ALLOW_NONE: LOG.debug('Field with JSON path %s was not found in data', cond.field, node_info=node_info, data=data) field_values = [None] else:'Field with JSON path %(path)s was not found ' 'in data, rule "%(rule)s" will not ' 'be applied'), {'path': cond.field, 'rule': self.description}, node_info=node_info, data=data) return False for value in field_values: result = cond_ext.check(node_info, value, cond.params) if cond.invert: result = not result if (cond.multiple == 'first' or (cond.multiple == 'all' and not result) or (cond.multiple == 'any' and result)): break if not result:'Rule "%(rule)s" will not be applied: condition ' '%(field)s %(op)s %(params)s failed'), {'rule': self.description, 'field': cond.field, 'op': cond.op, 'params': cond.params}, node_info=node_info, data=data) return False'Rule "%s" will be applied'), self.description, node_info=node_info, data=data) return True
[docs] def apply_actions(self, node_info, rollback=False, data=None): """Run actions on a node. :param node_info: NodeInfo instance :param rollback: if True, rollback actions are executed :param data: introspection data """ if rollback: method = 'rollback' else: method = 'apply' LOG.debug('Running %(what)s actions for rule "%(rule)s"', {'what': method, 'rule': self.description}, node_info=node_info, data=data) ext_mgr = plugins_base.rule_actions_manager() for act in self._actions: ext = ext_mgr[act.action].obj for formatted_param in ext.FORMATTED_PARAMS: value = act.params.get(formatted_param) if not value or not isinstance(value, six.string_types): continue # NOTE(aarefiev): verify provided value with introspection # data format specifications. # TODO(aarefiev): simple verify on import rule time. try: act.params[formatted_param] = value.format(data=data) except KeyError as e: if rollback: LOG.warning('Invalid formatting variable key provided:' ' %(key)s, skipping rollback for action ' '%(action)s', {'key': e, 'action': act.action}) break else: raise utils.Error(_('Invalid formatting variable key ' 'provided: %s') % e, node_info=node_info, data=data) else: LOG.debug('Running %(what)s action `%(action)s %(params)s`', {'action': act.action, 'params': act.params, 'what': method}, node_info=node_info, data=data) getattr(ext, method)(node_info, act.params) LOG.debug('Successfully applied %s', 'rollback actions' if rollback else 'actions', node_info=node_info, data=data)
def _parse_path(path): """Parse path, extract scheme and path. Parse path with 'node' and 'data' scheme, which links on introspection data and node info respectively. If scheme is missing in path, default is 'data'. :param path: data or node path :return: tuple (scheme, path) """ try: index = path.index('://') except ValueError: scheme = 'data' path = path else: scheme = path[:index] path = path[index + 3:] return scheme, path
[docs]def create(conditions_json, actions_json, uuid=None, description=None): """Create a new rule in database. :param conditions_json: list of dicts with the following keys: * op - operator * field - JSON path to field to compare Other keys are stored as is. :param actions_json: list of dicts with the following keys: * action - action type Other keys are stored as is. :param uuid: rule UUID, will be generated if empty :param description: human-readable rule description :returns: new IntrospectionRule object :raises: utils.Error on failure """ uuid = uuid or uuidutils.generate_uuid() LOG.debug('Creating rule %(uuid)s with description "%(descr)s", ' 'conditions %(conditions)s and actions %(actions)s', {'uuid': uuid, 'descr': description, 'conditions': conditions_json, 'actions': actions_json}) try: jsonschema.validate(conditions_json, conditions_schema()) except jsonschema.ValidationError as exc: raise utils.Error(_('Validation failed for conditions: %s') % exc) try: jsonschema.validate(actions_json, actions_schema()) except jsonschema.ValidationError as exc: raise utils.Error(_('Validation failed for actions: %s') % exc) cond_mgr = plugins_base.rule_conditions_manager() act_mgr = plugins_base.rule_actions_manager() conditions = [] reserved_params = {'op', 'field', 'multiple', 'invert'} for cond_json in conditions_json: field = cond_json['field'] scheme, path = _parse_path(field) if scheme not in ('node', 'data'): raise utils.Error(_('Unsupported scheme for field: %s, valid ' 'values are node:// or data://') % scheme) # verify field as JSON path try: jsonpath.parse(path) except Exception as exc: raise utils.Error(_('Unable to parse field JSON path %(field)s: ' '%(error)s') % {'field': field, 'error': exc}) plugin = cond_mgr[cond_json['op']].obj params = {k: v for k, v in cond_json.items() if k not in reserved_params} try: plugin.validate(params) except ValueError as exc: raise utils.Error(_('Invalid parameters for operator %(op)s: ' '%(error)s') % {'op': cond_json['op'], 'error': exc}) conditions.append((cond_json['field'], cond_json['op'], cond_json.get('multiple', 'any'), cond_json.get('invert', False), params)) actions = [] for action_json in actions_json: plugin = act_mgr[action_json['action']].obj params = {k: v for k, v in action_json.items() if k != 'action'} try: plugin.validate(params) except ValueError as exc: raise utils.Error(_('Invalid parameters for action %(act)s: ' '%(error)s') % {'act': action_json['action'], 'error': exc}) actions.append((action_json['action'], params)) try: with db.ensure_transaction() as session: rule = db.Rule(uuid=uuid, description=description, disabled=False, created_at=timeutils.utcnow()) for field, op, multiple, invert, params in conditions: rule.conditions.append(db.RuleCondition(op=op, field=field, multiple=multiple, invert=invert, params=params)) for action, params in actions: rule.actions.append(db.RuleAction(action=action, params=params)) except db_exc.DBDuplicateEntry as exc: LOG.error(_LE('Database integrity error %s when ' 'creating a rule'), exc) raise utils.Error(_('Rule with UUID %s already exists') % uuid, code=409)'Created rule %(uuid)s with description "%(descr)s"'), {'uuid': uuid, 'descr': description}) return IntrospectionRule(uuid=uuid, conditions=rule.conditions, actions=rule.actions, description=description)
[docs]def get(uuid): """Get a rule by its UUID.""" try: rule = db.model_query(db.Rule).filter_by(uuid=uuid).one() except orm.exc.NoResultFound: raise utils.Error(_('Rule %s was not found') % uuid, code=404) return IntrospectionRule(uuid=rule.uuid, actions=rule.actions, conditions=rule.conditions, description=rule.description)
[docs]def get_all(): """List all rules.""" query = db.model_query(db.Rule).order_by(db.Rule.created_at) return [IntrospectionRule(uuid=rule.uuid, actions=rule.actions, conditions=rule.conditions, description=rule.description) for rule in query]
[docs]def delete(uuid): """Delete a rule by its UUID.""" with db.ensure_transaction() as session: db.model_query(db.RuleAction, session=session).filter_by(rule=uuid).delete() db.model_query(db.RuleCondition, session=session) .filter_by(rule=uuid).delete() count = (db.model_query(db.Rule, session=session) .filter_by(uuid=uuid).delete()) if not count: raise utils.Error(_('Rule %s was not found') % uuid, code=404)'Introspection rule %s was deleted'), uuid)
[docs]def delete_all(): """Delete all rules.""" with db.ensure_transaction() as session: db.model_query(db.RuleAction, session=session).delete() db.model_query(db.RuleCondition, session=session).delete() db.model_query(db.Rule, session=session).delete()'All introspection rules were deleted'))
[docs]def apply(node_info, data): """Apply rules to a node.""" rules = get_all() if not rules: LOG.debug('No custom introspection rules to apply', node_info=node_info, data=data) return LOG.debug('Applying custom introspection rules', node_info=node_info, data=data) to_rollback = [] to_apply = [] for rule in rules: if rule.check_conditions(node_info, data): to_apply.append(rule) else: to_rollback.append(rule) if to_rollback: LOG.debug('Running rollback actions', node_info=node_info, data=data) for rule in to_rollback: rule.apply_actions(node_info, rollback=True, data=data) else: LOG.debug('No rollback actions to apply', node_info=node_info, data=data) if to_apply: LOG.debug('Running actions', node_info=node_info, data=data) for rule in to_apply: rule.apply_actions(node_info, rollback=False, data=data) else: LOG.debug('No actions to apply', node_info=node_info, data=data)'Successfully applied custom introspection rules'), node_info=node_info, data=data)