Source code for ironic_inspector.plugins.standard

# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# implied.
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

"""Standard set of plugins."""

import sys

from ironic_lib import utils as il_utils
import netaddr
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_utils import netutils
from oslo_utils import units
import six

from ironic_inspector.common.i18n import _, _LC, _LE, _LI, _LW
from ironic_inspector import conf
from ironic_inspector.plugins import base
from ironic_inspector import utils


LOG = utils.getProcessingLogger('ironic_inspector.plugins.standard')

[docs]class RootDiskSelectionHook(base.ProcessingHook): """Smarter root disk selection using Ironic root device hints. This hook must always go before SchedulerHook, otherwise root_disk field might not be updated. """
[docs] def before_update(self, introspection_data, node_info, **kwargs): """Detect root disk from root device hints and IPA inventory.""" hints = node_info.node().properties.get('root_device') if not hints: LOG.debug('Root device hints are not provided', node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) return inventory = utils.get_inventory(introspection_data, node_info=node_info) try: device = il_utils.match_root_device_hints(inventory['disks'], hints) except (TypeError, ValueError) as e: raise utils.Error( _('No disks could be found using the root device hints ' '%(hints)s because they failed to validate. ' 'Error: %(error)s') % {'hints': hints, 'error': e}, node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) if not device: raise utils.Error(_('No disks satisfied root device hints'), node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) LOG.debug('Disk %(disk)s of size %(size)s satisfies ' 'root device hints', {'disk': device.get('name'), 'size': device['size']}, node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) introspection_data['root_disk'] = device
[docs]class SchedulerHook(base.ProcessingHook): """Nova scheduler required properties.""" KEYS = ('cpus', 'cpu_arch', 'memory_mb', 'local_gb')
[docs] def before_update(self, introspection_data, node_info, **kwargs): """Update node with scheduler properties.""" inventory = utils.get_inventory(introspection_data, node_info=node_info) errors = [] root_disk = introspection_data.get('root_disk') if root_disk: introspection_data['local_gb'] = root_disk['size'] // units.Gi if CONF.processing.disk_partitioning_spacing: introspection_data['local_gb'] -= 1 else: introspection_data['local_gb'] = 0 try: introspection_data['cpus'] = int(inventory['cpu']['count']) introspection_data['cpu_arch'] = six.text_type( inventory['cpu']['architecture']) except (KeyError, ValueError, TypeError): errors.append(_('malformed or missing CPU information: %s') % inventory.get('cpu')) try: introspection_data['memory_mb'] = int( inventory['memory']['physical_mb']) except (KeyError, ValueError, TypeError): errors.append(_('malformed or missing memory information: %s; ' 'introspection requires physical memory size ' 'from dmidecode') % inventory.get('memory')) if errors: raise utils.Error(_('The following problems encountered: %s') % '; '.join(errors), node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data)'Discovered data: CPUs: %(cpus)s %(cpu_arch)s, ' 'memory %(memory_mb)s MiB, disk %(local_gb)s GiB'), {key: introspection_data.get(key) for key in self.KEYS}, node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) overwrite = CONF.processing.overwrite_existing properties = {key: str(introspection_data[key]) for key in self.KEYS if overwrite or not node_info.node().properties.get(key)} node_info.update_properties(**properties)
[docs]class ValidateInterfacesHook(base.ProcessingHook): """Hook to validate network interfaces.""" def __init__(self): if CONF.processing.add_ports not in conf.VALID_ADD_PORTS_VALUES: LOG.critical(_LC('Accepted values for [processing]add_ports are ' '%(valid)s, got %(actual)s'), {'valid': conf.VALID_ADD_PORTS_VALUES, 'actual': CONF.processing.add_ports}) sys.exit(1) if CONF.processing.keep_ports not in conf.VALID_KEEP_PORTS_VALUES: LOG.critical(_LC('Accepted values for [processing]keep_ports are ' '%(valid)s, got %(actual)s'), {'valid': conf.VALID_KEEP_PORTS_VALUES, 'actual': CONF.processing.keep_ports}) sys.exit(1) def _get_interfaces(self, data=None): """Convert inventory to a dict with interfaces. :return: dict interface name -> dict with keys 'mac' and 'ip' """ result = {} inventory = utils.get_inventory(data) for iface in inventory['interfaces']: name = iface.get('name') mac = iface.get('mac_address') ip = iface.get('ipv4_address') client_id = iface.get('client_id') if not name: LOG.error(_LE('Malformed interface record: %s'), iface, data=data) continue if not mac: LOG.debug('Skipping interface %s without link information', name, data=data) continue if not netutils.is_valid_mac(mac): LOG.warning(_LW('MAC %(mac)s for interface %(name)s is ' 'not valid, skipping'), {'mac': mac, 'name': name}, data=data) continue mac = mac.lower() LOG.debug('Found interface %(name)s with MAC "%(mac)s", ' 'IP address "%(ip)s" and client_id "%(client_id)s"', {'name': name, 'mac': mac, 'ip': ip, 'client_id': client_id}, data=data) result[name] = {'ip': ip, 'mac': mac, 'client_id': client_id} return result def _validate_interfaces(self, interfaces, data=None): """Validate interfaces on correctness and suitability. :return: dict interface name -> dict with keys 'mac' and 'ip' """ if not interfaces: raise utils.Error(_('No interfaces supplied by the ramdisk'), data=data) pxe_mac = utils.get_pxe_mac(data) if not pxe_mac and CONF.processing.add_ports == 'pxe': LOG.warning(_LW('No boot interface provided in the introspection ' 'data, will add all ports with IP addresses')) result = {} for name, iface in interfaces.items(): mac = iface.get('mac') ip = iface.get('ip') client_id = iface.get('client_id') if name == 'lo' or (ip and netaddr.IPAddress(ip).is_loopback()): LOG.debug('Skipping local interface %s', name, data=data) continue if (CONF.processing.add_ports == 'pxe' and pxe_mac and mac != pxe_mac): LOG.debug('Skipping interface %s as it was not PXE booting', name, data=data) continue elif CONF.processing.add_ports != 'all' and not ip: LOG.debug('Skipping interface %s as it did not have ' 'an IP address assigned during the ramdisk run', name, data=data) continue result[name] = {'ip': ip, 'mac': mac.lower(), 'client_id': client_id} if not result: raise utils.Error(_('No suitable interfaces found in %s') % interfaces, data=data) return result
[docs] def before_processing(self, introspection_data, **kwargs): """Validate information about network interfaces.""" bmc_address = utils.get_ipmi_address_from_data(introspection_data) if bmc_address: introspection_data['ipmi_address'] = bmc_address else: LOG.debug('No BMC address provided in introspection data, ' 'assuming virtual environment', data=introspection_data) all_interfaces = self._get_interfaces(introspection_data) interfaces = self._validate_interfaces(all_interfaces, introspection_data)'Using network interface(s): %s'), ', '.join('%s %s' % (name, items) for (name, items) in interfaces.items()), data=introspection_data) introspection_data['all_interfaces'] = all_interfaces introspection_data['interfaces'] = interfaces valid_macs = [iface['mac'] for iface in interfaces.values()] introspection_data['macs'] = valid_macs
[docs] def before_update(self, introspection_data, node_info, **kwargs): """Drop ports that are not present in the data.""" if CONF.processing.keep_ports == 'present': expected_macs = { iface['mac'] for iface in introspection_data['all_interfaces'].values() } elif CONF.processing.keep_ports == 'added': expected_macs = set(introspection_data['macs']) else: return # list is required as we modify underlying dict for port in list(node_info.ports().values()): if port.address not in expected_macs:"Deleting port %(port)s as its MAC %(mac)s is " "not in expected MAC list %(expected)s"), {'port': port.uuid, 'mac': port.address, 'expected': list(sorted(expected_macs))}, node_info=node_info, data=introspection_data) node_info.delete_port(port)
[docs]class RamdiskErrorHook(base.ProcessingHook): """Hook to process error send from the ramdisk."""
[docs] def before_processing(self, introspection_data, **kwargs): error = introspection_data.get('error') if error: raise utils.Error(_('Ramdisk reported error: %s') % error, data=introspection_data)