Source code for ironic_inspector.plugins.rules

# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# implied.
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

"""Standard plugins for rules API."""

import operator
import re

import netaddr

from ironic_inspector.common.i18n import _
from ironic_inspector.plugins import base
from ironic_inspector import utils

[docs]def coerce(value, expected): if isinstance(expected, float): return float(value) elif isinstance(expected, int): return int(value) else: return value
[docs]class SimpleCondition(base.RuleConditionPlugin): op = None
[docs] def check(self, node_info, field, params, **kwargs): value = params['value'] return self.op(coerce(field, value), value)
[docs]class EqCondition(SimpleCondition): op = operator.eq
[docs]class LtCondition(SimpleCondition): op =
[docs]class GtCondition(SimpleCondition): op =
[docs]class LeCondition(SimpleCondition): op = operator.le
[docs]class GeCondition(SimpleCondition): op =
[docs]class NeCondition(SimpleCondition): op =
[docs]class EmptyCondition(base.RuleConditionPlugin): REQUIRED_PARAMS = set() ALLOW_NONE = True
[docs] def check(self, node_info, field, params, **kwargs): return field in ('', None, [], {})
[docs]class NetCondition(base.RuleConditionPlugin):
[docs] def validate(self, params, **kwargs): super(NetCondition, self).validate(params, **kwargs) # Make sure it does not raise try: netaddr.IPNetwork(params['value']) except netaddr.AddrFormatError as exc: raise ValueError('invalid value: %s' % exc)
[docs] def check(self, node_info, field, params, **kwargs): network = netaddr.IPNetwork(params['value']) return netaddr.IPAddress(field) in network
[docs]class ReCondition(base.RuleConditionPlugin):
[docs] def validate(self, params, **kwargs): try: re.compile(params['value']) except re.error as exc: raise ValueError(_('invalid regular expression: %s') % exc)
[docs]class MatchesCondition(ReCondition):
[docs] def check(self, node_info, field, params, **kwargs): regexp = params['value'] if regexp[-1] != '$': regexp += '$' return re.match(regexp, str(field)) is not None
[docs]class ContainsCondition(ReCondition):
[docs] def check(self, node_info, field, params, **kwargs): return['value'], str(field)) is not None
[docs]class FailAction(base.RuleActionPlugin): REQUIRED_PARAMS = {'message'}
[docs] def apply(self, node_info, params, **kwargs): raise utils.Error(params['message'], node_info=node_info)
[docs]class SetAttributeAction(base.RuleActionPlugin): REQUIRED_PARAMS = {'path', 'value'} # TODO(dtantsur): proper validation of path FORMATTED_PARAMS = ['value']
[docs] def apply(self, node_info, params, **kwargs): node_info.patch([{'op': 'add', 'path': params['path'], 'value': params['value']}])
[docs]class SetCapabilityAction(base.RuleActionPlugin): REQUIRED_PARAMS = {'name'} OPTIONAL_PARAMS = {'value'} FORMATTED_PARAMS = ['value']
[docs] def apply(self, node_info, params, **kwargs): node_info.update_capabilities( **{params['name']: params.get('value')})
[docs]class ExtendAttributeAction(base.RuleActionPlugin): REQUIRED_PARAMS = {'path', 'value'} OPTIONAL_PARAMS = {'unique'} # TODO(dtantsur): proper validation of path FORMATTED_PARAMS = ['value']
[docs] def apply(self, node_info, params, **kwargs): def _replace(values): value = params['value'] if not params.get('unique') or value not in values: values.append(value) return values node_info.replace_field(params['path'], _replace, default=[])