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# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# implied.
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

import eventlet

import functools
import os
import re
import ssl
import sys

import flask
from futurist import periodics
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log
from oslo_utils import uuidutils
import werkzeug

from ironic_inspector import db
from ironic_inspector.common.i18n import _, _LC, _LE, _LI, _LW
from ironic_inspector.common import ironic as ir_utils
from ironic_inspector.common import swift
from ironic_inspector import conf  # noqa
from ironic_inspector import firewall
from ironic_inspector import introspect
from ironic_inspector import node_cache
from ironic_inspector.plugins import base as plugins_base
from ironic_inspector import process
from ironic_inspector import rules
from ironic_inspector import utils


app = flask.Flask(__name__)
LOG = utils.getProcessingLogger(__name__)


def _get_version():
    ver = flask.request.headers.get(conf.VERSION_HEADER,
        requested = tuple(int(x) for x in ver.split('.'))
    except (ValueError, TypeError):
        return error_response(_('Malformed API version: expected string '
                                'in form of X.Y'), code=400)
    return requested

def _format_version(ver):
    return '%d.%d' % ver


[docs]def error_response(exc, code=500): res = flask.jsonify(error={'message': str(exc)}) res.status_code = code LOG.debug('Returning error to client: %s', exc) return res
[docs]def convert_exceptions(func): @functools.wraps(func) def wrapper(*args, **kwargs): try: return func(*args, **kwargs) except utils.Error as exc: return error_response(exc, exc.http_code) except werkzeug.exceptions.HTTPException as exc: return error_response(exc, exc.code or 400) except Exception as exc: LOG.exception(_LE('Internal server error')) msg = _('Internal server error') if CONF.debug: msg += ' (%s): %s' % (exc.__class__.__name__, exc) return error_response(msg) return wrapper
[docs]def check_api_version(): requested = _get_version() if requested < MINIMUM_API_VERSION or requested > CURRENT_API_VERSION: return error_response(_('Unsupported API version %(requested)s, ' 'supported range is %(min)s to %(max)s') % {'requested': _format_version(requested), 'min': _format_version(MINIMUM_API_VERSION), 'max': _format_version(CURRENT_API_VERSION)}, code=406)
[docs]def add_version_headers(res): res.headers[conf.MIN_VERSION_HEADER] = '%s.%s' % MINIMUM_API_VERSION res.headers[conf.MAX_VERSION_HEADER] = '%s.%s' % CURRENT_API_VERSION return res
[docs]def generate_resource_data(resources): data = [] for resource in resources: item = {} item['name'] = str(resource).split('/')[-1] item['links'] = create_link_object([str(resource)[1:]]) data.append(item) return data
@app.route('/', methods=['GET']) @convert_exceptions
[docs]def api_root(): versions = [ { "status": "CURRENT", "id": '%s.%s' % CURRENT_API_VERSION, }, ] for version in versions: version['links'] = create_link_object( ["v%s" % version['id'].split('.')[0]]) return flask.jsonify(versions=versions)
@app.route('/<version>', methods=['GET']) @convert_exceptions
[docs]def version_root(version): pat = re.compile("^\/%s\/[^\/]*?$" % version) resources = [] for url in app.url_map.iter_rules(): if pat.match(str(url)): resources.append(url) if not resources: raise utils.Error(_('Version not found.'), code=404) return flask.jsonify(resources=generate_resource_data(resources))
@app.route('/v1/continue', methods=['POST']) @convert_exceptions
[docs]def api_continue(): data = flask.request.get_json(force=True) if not isinstance(data, dict): raise utils.Error(_('Invalid data: expected a JSON object, got %s') % data.__class__.__name__) logged_data = {k: (v if k not in _LOGGING_EXCLUDED_KEYS else '<hidden>') for k, v in data.items()} LOG.debug("Received data from the ramdisk: %s", logged_data, data=data) return flask.jsonify(process.process(data)) # TODO(sambetts) Add API discovery for this endpoint
@app.route('/v1/introspection/<node_id>', methods=['GET', 'POST']) @convert_exceptions
[docs]def api_introspection(node_id): utils.check_auth(flask.request) if flask.request.method == 'POST': new_ipmi_password = flask.request.args.get('new_ipmi_password', type=str, default=None) if new_ipmi_password: new_ipmi_username = flask.request.args.get('new_ipmi_username', type=str, default=None) new_ipmi_credentials = (new_ipmi_username, new_ipmi_password) else: new_ipmi_credentials = None introspect.introspect(node_id, new_ipmi_credentials=new_ipmi_credentials, token=flask.request.headers.get('X-Auth-Token')) return '', 202 else: node_info = node_cache.get_node(node_id) return flask.json.jsonify(finished=bool(node_info.finished_at), error=node_info.error or None)
@app.route('/v1/introspection/<node_id>/abort', methods=['POST']) @convert_exceptions
[docs]def api_introspection_abort(node_id): utils.check_auth(flask.request) introspect.abort(node_id, token=flask.request.headers.get('X-Auth-Token')) return '', 202
@app.route('/v1/introspection/<node_id>/data', methods=['GET']) @convert_exceptions
[docs]def api_introspection_data(node_id): utils.check_auth(flask.request) if CONF.processing.store_data == 'swift': if not uuidutils.is_uuid_like(node_id): node = ir_utils.get_node(node_id, fields=['uuid']) node_id = node.uuid res = swift.get_introspection_data(node_id) return res, 200, {'Content-Type': 'application/json'} else: return error_response(_('Inspector is not configured to store data. ' 'Set the [processing] store_data ' 'configuration option to change this.'), code=404)
@app.route('/v1/introspection/<node_id>/data/unprocessed', methods=['POST']) @convert_exceptions
[docs]def api_introspection_reapply(node_id): utils.check_auth(flask.request) if flask.request.content_length: return error_response(_('User data processing is not ' 'supported yet'), code=400) if CONF.processing.store_data == 'swift': process.reapply(node_id) return '', 202 else: return error_response(_('Inspector is not configured to store' ' data. Set the [processing] ' 'store_data configuration option to ' 'change this.'), code=400)
[docs]def rule_repr(rule, short): result = rule.as_dict(short=short) result['links'] = [{ 'href': flask.url_for('api_rule', uuid=result['uuid']), 'rel': 'self' }] return result
@app.route('/v1/rules', methods=['GET', 'POST', 'DELETE']) @convert_exceptions
[docs]def api_rules(): utils.check_auth(flask.request) if flask.request.method == 'GET': res = [rule_repr(rule, short=True) for rule in rules.get_all()] return flask.jsonify(rules=res) elif flask.request.method == 'DELETE': rules.delete_all() return '', 204 else: body = flask.request.get_json(force=True) if body.get('uuid') and not uuidutils.is_uuid_like(body['uuid']): raise utils.Error(_('Invalid UUID value'), code=400) rule = rules.create(conditions_json=body.get('conditions', []), actions_json=body.get('actions', []), uuid=body.get('uuid'), description=body.get('description')) response_code = (200 if _get_version() < (1, 6) else 201) return flask.make_response( flask.jsonify(rule_repr(rule, short=False)), response_code)
@app.route('/v1/rules/<uuid>', methods=['GET', 'DELETE']) @convert_exceptions
[docs]def api_rule(uuid): utils.check_auth(flask.request) if flask.request.method == 'GET': rule = rules.get(uuid) return flask.jsonify(rule_repr(rule, short=False)) else: rules.delete(uuid) return '', 204
[docs]def handle_404(error): return error_response(error, code=404)
@periodics.periodic(spacing=CONF.firewall.firewall_update_period, enabled=CONF.firewall.manage_firewall)
[docs]def periodic_update(): # pragma: no cover try: firewall.update_filters() except Exception: LOG.exception(_LE('Periodic update of firewall rules failed'))
[docs]def periodic_clean_up(): # pragma: no cover try: if node_cache.clean_up(): firewall.update_filters() sync_with_ironic() except Exception: LOG.exception(_LE('Periodic clean up of node cache failed'))
[docs]def sync_with_ironic(): ironic = ir_utils.get_client() # TODO(yuikotakada): pagination ironic_nodes = ironic.node.list(limit=0) ironic_node_uuids = {node.uuid for node in ironic_nodes} node_cache.delete_nodes_not_in_list(ironic_node_uuids)
[docs]def create_ssl_context(): if not CONF.use_ssl: return MIN_VERSION = (2, 7, 9) if sys.version_info < MIN_VERSION: LOG.warning(_LW('Unable to use SSL in this version of Python: ' '%(current)s, please ensure your version of Python is ' 'greater than %(min)s to enable this feature.'), {'current': '.'.join(map(str, sys.version_info[:3])), 'min': '.'.join(map(str, MIN_VERSION))}) return context = ssl.create_default_context(purpose=ssl.Purpose.CLIENT_AUTH) if CONF.ssl_cert_path and CONF.ssl_key_path: try: context.load_cert_chain(CONF.ssl_cert_path, CONF.ssl_key_path) except IOError as exc: LOG.warning(_LW('Failed to load certificate or key from defined ' 'locations: %(cert)s and %(key)s, will continue ' 'to run with the default settings: %(exc)s'), {'cert': CONF.ssl_cert_path, 'key': CONF.ssl_key_path, 'exc': exc}) except ssl.SSLError as exc: LOG.warning(_LW('There was a problem with the loaded certificate ' 'and key, will continue to run with the default ' 'settings: %s'), exc) return context
[docs]class Service(object): _periodics_worker = None
[docs] def setup_logging(self, args): log.register_options(CONF) CONF(args, project='ironic-inspector') log.set_defaults(default_log_levels=[ 'sqlalchemy=WARNING', 'iso8601=WARNING', 'requests=WARNING', 'urllib3.connectionpool=WARNING', 'keystonemiddleware=WARNING', 'swiftclient=WARNING', 'keystoneauth=WARNING', 'ironicclient=WARNING' ]) log.setup(CONF, 'ironic_inspector') LOG.debug("Configuration:") CONF.log_opt_values(LOG, log.DEBUG)
[docs] def init(self): if utils.get_auth_strategy() != 'noauth': utils.add_auth_middleware(app) else: LOG.warning(_LW('Starting unauthenticated, please check' ' configuration')) if CONF.processing.store_data == 'none': LOG.warning(_LW('Introspection data will not be stored. Change ' '"[processing] store_data" option if this is not ' 'the desired behavior')) elif CONF.processing.store_data == 'swift':'Introspection data will be stored in Swift in the ' 'container %s'), CONF.swift.container) utils.add_cors_middleware(app) db.init() try: hooks = [ for ext in plugins_base.processing_hooks_manager()] except KeyError as exc: # callback function raises MissingHookError derived from KeyError # on missing hook LOG.critical(_LC('Hook(s) %s failed to load or was not found'), str(exc)) sys.exit(1)'Enabled processing hooks: %s'), hooks) if CONF.firewall.manage_firewall: firewall.init() self._periodics_worker = periodics.PeriodicWorker( callables=[(periodic_update, None, None), (periodic_clean_up, None, None)], executor_factory=periodics.ExistingExecutor(utils.executor())) utils.executor().submit(self._periodics_worker.start)
[docs] def shutdown(self): LOG.debug('Shutting down') firewall.clean_up() if self._periodics_worker is not None: self._periodics_worker.stop() self._periodics_worker.wait() self._periodics_worker = None if utils.executor().alive: utils.executor().shutdown(wait=True)'Shut down successfully'))
[docs] def run(self, args, application): self.setup_logging(args) app_kwargs = {'host': CONF.listen_address, 'port': CONF.listen_port} context = create_ssl_context() if context: app_kwargs['ssl_context'] = context self.init() try:**app_kwargs) finally: self.shutdown()
[docs]def main(args=sys.argv[1:]): # pragma: no cover service = Service(), app)

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