The heat.engine.attributes Module

class heat.engine.attributes.Attribute(attr_name, schema)[source]

Bases: object

An Attribute schema.

as_output(resource_name, template_type='cfn')[source]

Output entry for a provider template with the given resource name.

  • resource_name – the logical name of the provider resource
  • template_type – the template type to generate

This attribute as a template ‘Output’ entry for cfn template and ‘output’ entry for hot template

class heat.engine.attributes.Attributes(res_name, schema, resolver)[source]

Bases: _abcoll.Mapping

Models a collection of Resource Attributes.

static as_outputs(resource_name, resource_class, template_type='cfn')[source]

Dict of Output entries for a provider template with resource name.

  • resource_name – logical name of the resource
  • resource_class – resource implementation class

The attributes of the specified resource_class as a template Output map

static schema_from_outputs(json_snippet)[source]
class heat.engine.attributes.DynamicSchemeAttributes(res_name, schema, resolver)[source]

Bases: heat.engine.attributes.Attributes

The collection of attributes for resources without static attr scheme.

The class defines collection of attributes for such entities as Resource Group, Software Deployment and so on that doesn’t have static attribute scheme. The attribute scheme for such kind of resources can contain attribute from attribute scheme (like other resources) and dynamic attributes (nested stack attrs or API response attrs).

class heat.engine.attributes.Schema(description=None, support_status=< object>, cache_mode='cache_local', type=None)[source]

Bases: heat.engine.constraints.Schema

Simple schema class for attributes.

Schema objects are serializable to dictionaries following a superset of the HOT input Parameter schema using dict().

BOOLEAN = 'Boolean'
CACHE_LOCAL = 'cache_local'
CACHE_MODES = ('cache_local', 'cache_none')
CACHE_NONE = 'cache_none'
DESCRIPTION = 'description'
INTEGER = 'Integer'
KEYS = ('description', 'type')
LIST = 'List'
MAP = 'Map'
STRING = 'String'
TYPE = 'type'
TYPES = ('String', 'Map', 'List', 'Integer', 'Boolean')
classmethod from_attribute(schema_dict)[source]

Return a Property Schema corresponding to a Attribute Schema.


Return dictionary of Schema objects for given dictionary of schemata.

heat.engine.attributes.select_from_attribute(attribute_value, path)[source]

Select an element from an attribute value.

  • attribute_value – the attribute value.
  • path – a list of path components to select from the attribute.

the selected attribute component value.