The heat_integrationtests.scenario.test_volumes Module

class heat_integrationtests.scenario.test_volumes.VolumeBackupRestoreIntegrationTest(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: heat_integrationtests.scenario.scenario_base.ScenarioTestsBase

Class is responsible for testing of volume backup.


Ensure the ‘Snapshot’ deletion policy works.

This requires a more complex test, but it tests several aspects of the heat cinder resources:

  1. Create a volume, attach it to an instance, write some data to it
  2. Delete the stack, with ‘Snapshot’ specified, creates a backup
  3. Check the snapshot has created a volume backup
  4. Create a new stack, where the volume is created from the backup
  5. Verify the test data written in (1) is present in the new volume

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