The heat.api.openstack.v1.util Module

heat.api.openstack.v1.util.get_allowed_params(params, whitelist)[source]

Extract from params all entries listed in whitelist.

The returning dict will contain an entry for a key if, and only if, there’s an entry in whitelist for that key and at least one entry in params. If params contains multiple entries for the same key, it will yield an array of values: {key: [v1, v2,...]}

  • params – a NestedMultiDict from webob.Request.params
  • whitelist – an array of strings to whitelist

a dict with {key: value} pairs


Decorator that passes a stack identifier instead of path components.

This is a handler method decorator.

Return a link structure for the supplied identity dictionary.

heat.api.openstack.v1.util.make_url(req, identity)[source]

Return the URL for the supplied identity dictionary.


Decorator that enforces policies.

Checks the path matches the request context and enforce policy defined in policy.json.

This is a handler method decorator.

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