The heat.api.openstack.v1.resources Module

class heat.api.openstack.v1.resources.ResourceController(options)[source]

Bases: object

WSGI controller for Resources in Heat v1 API.

Implements the API actions.

REQUEST_SCOPE = 'resource'
index(controller, req, tenant_id, **kwargs)[source]

Lists information for all resources.

mark_unhealthy(controller, req, tenant_id, **kwargs)[source]

Mark a resource as healthy or unhealthy.

metadata(controller, req, tenant_id, **kwargs)[source]

Gets metadata information for a resource.

show(controller, req, tenant_id, **kwargs)[source]

Gets detailed information for a resource.

signal(controller, req, tenant_id, **kwargs)[source]

Resources resource factory method.

heat.api.openstack.v1.resources.format_resource(req, res, keys=None)[source]

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