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Helper utilities related to the AWS API implementations., prefix='')[source]

Extract a list-of-dicts based on parameters containing AWS style list.

MetricData.member.1.MetricName=buffers MetricData.member.1.Unit=Bytes MetricData.member.1.Value=231434333 MetricData.member.2.MetricName=buffers2 MetricData.member.2.Unit=Bytes MetricData.member.2.Value=12345

This can be extracted by passing prefix=MetricData, resulting in a list containing two dicts., prefix='', keyname='', valuename='')[source]

Extract user input params from AWS style parameter-pair encoded list.

In the AWS API list items appear as two key-value pairs (passed as query parameters) with keys of the form below:

Prefix.member.1.keyname=somekey Prefix.member.1.keyvalue=somevalue Prefix.member.2.keyname=anotherkey Prefix.member.2.keyvalue=somevalue

We reformat this into a dict here to match the heat engine API expected format., response)[source]

Format response from engine into API format., key)[source]

Looks up an expected parameter in a parsed params dict.

Helper function, looks up an expected parameter in a parsed params dict and returns the result. If params does not contain the requested key we raise an exception of the appropriate type., inputdict=None)[source]

Utility function for mapping one dict format to another.

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