The glance_store library supports the creation, deletion and gather of data assets from/to a set of several, different, storage technologies.

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Release Notes


  • Updated from global requirements
  • Imported Translations from Zanata
  • ATTN: After upgrading to glance_store 0.10.1 store options defined in config files under [DEFAULT] section will not work. Logic taking them was removed after deprecation period.
  • be3d7a6 Remove useless file
  • 1517275: vmware: check for response body in error conditions
  • 1323975: remove default=None for config options
  • d59254e: Remove deprecated glance_store opts from default section
  • 1501443: Improving GlanceStoreException
  • 1502332: ‘_’ is used by i18n
  • cc36d53: VMware: Fix missing space in error message
  • c2b8702: Handle swift store’s optional dependency
  • 1485792: Catch InvalidURL when requesting store size



  • Dropped py26 support
  • Disable propagating BadStoreConfiguration
  • 1454695: Sync with global-requirements
  • Handle optional dependency in vmware store


  • 1449639: Fix failure when creating an image which already exists in the RBD store
  • 1444663: Correctly instantiate Forbidden exception
  • 1428257: Do not raise an exception when a duplicate path on filesystem store is used. Instead emmit a warning
  • 1422699: Propagate BadStoreConfiguration to library user
  • Initialize vmware session during store creation


  • Deprecate the gridfs store
  • Use oslo_config.cfg.ConfigOpts in glance_store
  • 1426767: Make dependency on boto entirely conditional
  • 1429785: Fix timeout during upload from slow resource
  • 1418396: Throw NotFound exception when template is gone
  • Correct such logic in store.get() when chunk_size param provided


  • Deprecate VMware store single datastore options
  • VMware: Support Multiple Datastores. This adds a new config option vmware_datastores to configure multiple datastores.


  • 1425617: Support for deleting images stored as SLO in Swift
  • Enable DRIVER_REUSABLE for vmware store


  • Show fully qualified store name in update_capabilities() logging
  • Move to hacking 0.10
  • Fix sorting query string keys for arbitrary url schemes
  • Remove duplicate key
  • Add coverage report to
  • Use a named enum for capability values
  • Convert httpretty tests to requests-mock


  • 1402354: Check VMware session before uploading image

  • Add capabilities to storage driver

  • Replace snet config with endpoint config. Instead of constructing a URL with a prefix from what is returned by auth, specify the URL via configuration.

  • 1413852: Remove retry on failed uploads to VMware datastore

  • 1401778: Validate metadata JSON file. Metadata JSON schema file should be valid objects. This JSON object should contain keys ‘id’, ‘mountpoint’ and value of both keys should be string. Example of valid metadata JSON:

    1. If there is only one mountpoint-
      "id": "f0781415-cf81-47cd-8860-b83f9c2a415c",
      "mountpoint": "/var/lib/glance/images/"
    2. If there are more than one mountpoints-
        "id": "f0781415-cf81-47cd-8860-b83f9c2a415c",
        "mountpoint": "/var/lib/glance/images1/"
        "id": "asd81415-cf81-47cd-8860-b83f9c2a415c",
        "mountpoint": "/var/lib/glance/images2/"
  • Add needed extra space to error message

  • 1375857: Define a new parameter to pass CA cert file. This change adds a new parameter for the swift store driver that allows to speficy the name of the CA cert file to use in the SSL connections for verifying certificates. This parameter is passed to the swiftclient in the creation of the connection. The parameter is called swift_store_cacert.

  • 1379798: Raise appropriate exception if socket error occurs

  • Swift Store to use Multiple Containers. Swift Store will now use multiple containers in single-tenant mode in order to avoid swift rate limiting on a single container.

  • Remove deprecated options

  • Correct GlanceStoreException to provide valid message - glance_store

  • 1350010: VMware store: Re-use api session token


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