Common Image Properties

Common Image Properties

When adding an image to Glance, you may specify some common image properties that may prove useful to consumers of your image.

This document explains the names of these properties and the expected values.

The common image properties are also described in a JSON schema, found in /etc/glance/schema-image.json in the Glance source code.


Operating system architecture as specified in


Metadata which can be used to record which instance this image is associated with. (Informational only, does not create an instance snapshot.)


The ID of image stored in Glance that should be used as the kernel when booting an AMI-style image.


The ID of image stored in Glance that should be used as the ramdisk when booting an AMI-style image.


The common name of the operating system distribution as specified in


The operating system version as specified by the distributor.


A brief human-readable string, suitable for display in a user interface, describing the image.

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