glance.common.scripts package


glance.common.scripts.utils module

glance.common.scripts.utils.get_task(task_repo, task_id)[source]

Gets a TaskProxy object.

  • task_repo – TaskRepo object used to perform DB operations
  • task_id – ID of the Task

Verifies and returns valid task input dictionary.

Parameters:task – Task domain object

Sets optional base properties for creating Image.

Parameters:properties – Input dict to set some base properties

Validate location uri into acceptable format.

Parameters:location – Location uri to be validated

Returns iterable object either for local file or uri

Parameters:uri – uri (remote or local) to the datasource we want to iterate

Validation/sanitization of the uri is expected to happen before we get here.

Module contents

glance.common.scripts.run_task(task_id, task_type, context, task_repo=None, image_repo=None, image_factory=None)[source]

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