glance.api.v3 package


glance.api.v3.router module

class glance.api.v3.router.API(mapper)[source]

Bases: glance.common.wsgi.Router

glance.api.v3.router.LOG = <oslo_log.log.KeywordArgumentAdapter object at 0x7f8ac99a5ad0>

v3 controller stub

Since Glance Artifact Service was released in Liberty as experimental Glance v3 API, its router was referenced in paste configuration as glance.api.v3.router In Mitaka the Artifacts Service was moved into a standalone process and its router was renamed to glance.api.artifacts.router. However, in existing deployments the glance-api-paste.ini may still reference the glance.api.v3.router. To not break these deployments this stub is included to redirect the v3 request to glare service (if it is present) or return a 410 otherwise. This stub controller should be removed in future releases.

class glance.api.v3.router.RedirectController[source]

Bases: object

redirect(req, path=None)[source]
class glance.api.v3.router.RedirectResponseSerializer[source]

Bases: glance.common.wsgi.JSONResponseSerializer

default(response, res)[source]

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