Run fullstack test locally

This is a guide for developers who want to run fullstack tests in their local machine.


You need to deploy Fuxi in a devstack environment.

Clone devstack:

# Create a root directory for devstack if needed
sudo mkdir -p /opt/stack
sudo chown $USER /opt/stack

git clone /opt/stack/devstack

We will run devstack with minimal local.conf settings required. You can use the sample local.conf as a quick-start:

git clone /opt/stack/fuxi
cp /opt/stack/fuxi/devstack/local.conf.sample /opt/stack/devstack/local.conf

Run devstack:

cd /opt/stack/devstack

NOTE: This will take a while to setup the dev environment.


Navigate to fuxi directory:

cd /opt/stack/fuxi

Source the credential of ‘fuxi’ user:

source /opt/stack/devstack/openrc fuxi service

Run the test

Run this command:

tox -efullstack