Update Fuel to latest Mitaka

Update Fuel to latest MitakaΒΆ

A number of the Fuel Newton and Ocata features are back-ported to Mitaka after the Fuel Mitaka release. An important part of the update procedure is the Linux kernel upgrade to version 4.4. You can update the Fuel Master node to consume these features.


During the Fuel Master node update, its services are restarted as well as astute and nailgun. Therefore, updating of the Fuel Master node can result in a downtime of the entire environment if any.

Before applying the updates to production, you must plan a maintenance window and back up your deployment if any as well as test the updates on your staging environment.

To update the Fuel Master node from the initially released Mitaka to the latest Mitaka version:

  1. Log in to the Fuel Master node CLI as root.

  2. Add the update repository to the list of your repositories. For example, mos92-updates:

    yum install -y http://mirror.fuel-infra.org/mos-repos/centos/mos9.0-centos7/9.2-updates/x86_64/Packages/mos-release-9.2-1.el7.x86_64.rpm
  3. Clean the YUM cache:

    yum clean all
  4. Install the mos-playbooks package:

    yum install -y mos-playbooks
  5. Change the directory to mos_playbooks/mos_mu/.

  6. Perform a preparation playbook for the Fuel Master node. The playbook installs and prepares necessary tools for the update. Also, it restarts the astute and nailgun services.

    ansible-playbook playbooks/mos9_prepare_fuel.yml
  7. Update the Fuel Master node packages, services, and configuration:

    ansible-playbook playbooks/update_fuel.yml -e '{"rebuild_bootstrap":false}'


    During the update procedure, the Fuel Master node services will be restarted automatically.

  8. Upgrade the Ubuntu kernel to version 4.4 for the Fuel bootstrap:

    ansible-playbook playbooks/mos9_fuel_upgrade_kernel_4.4.yml
  9. Verify that the Fuel Master node is successfully updated using the fuel2 fuel-version command. The output should be as follows:

    fuel2 fuel-version
    openstack_version: mitaka-9.0
    release: '9.2'
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