EC2API Metadata configuration

EC2API Metadata configuration

Configuration options

To configure Metadata Service for ec2api, EC2 API configuration common sections
(such as OpenStack Clients, Database Client, EC2API and Common sections) must be configured as well.

The additional configuration options for EC2 Metadata:

Description of Metadata configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
metadata_listen = (String) The IP address on which the metadata API will listen.
metadata_listen_port = 8789 (Integer) The port on which the metadata API will listen.
metadata_use_ssl = False (Boolean) Enable ssl connections or not for EC2 API Metadata
metadata_workers = None (Integer) Number of workers for metadata service. The default will be the number of CPUs available.
auth_ca_cert = None (String) Certificate Authority public key (CA cert) file for ssl
cache_expiration = 15 (Integer) This option is the time (in seconds) to cache metadata. Increasing this setting should improve response times of the metadata API when under heavy load. Higher values may increase memory usage, and result in longer times for host metadata changes to take effect.
metadata_proxy_shared_secret = (String) Shared secret to sign instance-id request
nova_client_cert = (String) Client certificate for nova metadata api server.
nova_client_priv_key = (String) Private key of client certificate.
nova_metadata_insecure = False (Boolean) Allow to perform insecure SSL (https) requests to nova metadata
nova_metadata_ip = (String) IP address used by Nova metadata server.
nova_metadata_port = 8775 (Integer) TCP Port used by Nova metadata server.
nova_metadata_protocol = http (String) Protocol to access nova metadata, http or https
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