Creating release notes with Reno

Creating release notes with Reno

Release notes for Dragonflow are generated semi-automatically from source with Reno.

Reno allows you to add a release note. It creates a yaml structure for you to fill in. The items are explained here. If an item is not needed, it can be removed from the structure.

Basic Usage

To create a new release note, run:

tox -e venv -- reno new <my-new-feature>

This creates a release notes file. You can identify the file with the output:

Created new notes file in releasenotes/notes/asdf-1a11d0cca0cb76fa.yaml

You can now edit this file to fit your release notes needs.

Don’t forget to add this file to the commit with git add.

The release notes are built automatically by the gate system. There is a tox environment to generate all the release notes manually. To do so, run:

tox -e releasenotes

Easy enough!

For more information, see the reno usage documentation.

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