Configuration Refactoring and Generation

This spec refactors the configurations and introduces oslo config generator to auto-generate all the options for Dragonflow.

Problem Description

Currently Dragonflow has many options for different modules. They are all distributed and imported case by case. As more and more modules are going to be introduced, we need to make them managed and centralized.

A good example is neutron[1].

Proposed Change

  1. Use a dedicated plugin conf file, instead of neutron.conf.
  2. Use oslo config generator[2] to manages all the options.

Firstly, we use tox -e genconfig to generate all the conf files. If tox is not prepared, we introduce ./tools/ instead.

Secondly, we use etc/oslo-config-generator/dragonflow.ini to manage oslo options. For example:: [DEFAULT] output_file = etc/dragonflow.ini.sample wrap_width = 79 namespace = dragonflow namespace = oslo.log

Finally, we implements dragonflow/ to include all the references of options from different modules of dragonflow.