Retrieve and install CloudKitty dashboard:

git clone
cd cloudkitty-dashboard
python install

Find where the python packages are installed:

PY_PACKAGES_PATH=`pip --version | cut -d' ' -f4`

Then add the additional settings file to the horizon settings or installation. Depending on your setup, you might need to add it to /usr/share or directly in the horizon python package:

# If horizon is installed by packages:
ln -s $PY_PACKAGES_PATH/cloudkittydashboard/enabled/_[0-9]*.py \

# Directly from sources:
ln -s $PY_PACKAGES_PATH/cloudkittydashboard/enabled/_[0-9]*.py \

Restart the web server hosting Horizon.

For more detailed information about CloudKitty installation check out the installation section of the documentation.

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