Failed to Attach Volume, Missing sg_scan

Failed to Attach Volume, Missing sg_scan


Failed to attach volume to an instance, sg_scan file not found. This error occurs when the sg3-utils package is not installed on the compute node. The IDs in your message are unique to your system:

ERROR nova.compute.manager [req-cf2679fd-dd9e-4909-807f-48fe9bda3642 admin admin|req-cf2679fd-dd9e-4909-807f-48fe9bda3642 admin admin]
[instance: 7d7c92e0-49fa-4a8e-87c7-73f22a9585d5|instance:  7d7c92e0-49fa-4a8e-87c7-73f22a9585d5]
Failed to attach volume  4cc104c4-ac92-4bd6-9b95-c6686746414a at /dev/vdcTRACE nova.compute.manager
[instance:  7d7c92e0-49fa-4a8e-87c7-73f22a9585d5|instance: 7d7c92e0-49fa-4a8e-87c7-73f22a9585d5]
Stdout: '/usr/local/bin/nova-rootwrap: Executable not found: /usr/bin/sg_scan'


Run this command on the compute node to install the sg3-utils package:

# apt-get install sg3-utils
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