Failed to attach volume, systool is not installed

Failed to attach volume, systool is not installed


This warning and error occurs if you do not have the required sysfsutils package installed on the compute node:

WARNING nova.virt.libvirt.utils [req-1200f887-c82b-4e7c-a891-fac2e3735dbb\
admin admin|req-1200f887-c82b-4e7c-a891-fac2e3735dbb admin admin] systool\
is not installed
ERROR nova.compute.manager [req-1200f887-c82b-4e7c-a891-fac2e3735dbb admin\
admin|req-1200f887-c82b-4e7c-a891-fac2e3735dbb admin admin]
[instance: df834b5a-8c3f-477a-be9b-47c97626555c|instance: df834b5a-8c3f-47\
Failed to attach volume 13d5c633-903a-4764-a5a0-3336945b1db1 at /dev/vdk.


Run the following command on the compute node to install the sysfsutils packages:

# apt-get install sysfsutils
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