The cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.dataontap.client.client_cmode Module

class Client(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.dataontap.client.client_base.Client

abort_snapmirror(*args, **kwargs)

Stops ongoing transfers for a SnapMirror relationship.

accept_vserver_peer(*args, **kwargs)

Accepts a pending Vserver peer relationship.

break_snapmirror(*args, **kwargs)

Breaks a data protection SnapMirror relationship.

check_cluster_api(*args, **kwargs)

Checks the availability of a cluster API.

Returns True if the specified cluster API exists and may be called by the current user. The API is called on Data ONTAP versions prior to 8.2, while versions starting with 8.2 utilize an API designed for this purpose.

check_iscsi_initiator_exists(*args, **kwargs)

Returns True if initiator exists.

clone_file(*args, **kwargs)

Clones file on vserver.

clone_lun(*args, **kwargs)
create_cluster_peer(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a cluster peer relationship.

create_flexvol(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a volume.

create_snapmirror(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a SnapMirror relationship (cDOT 8.2 or later only).

create_vserver_peer(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a Vserver peer relationship for SnapMirrors.

delete_cluster_peer(*args, **kwargs)

Deletes a cluster peer relationship.

delete_file(*args, **kwargs)

Delete file at path.

delete_snapmirror(*args, **kwargs)

Destroys a SnapMirror relationship.

delete_vserver_peer(*args, **kwargs)

Deletes a Vserver peer relationship.

disable_flexvol_compression(*args, **kwargs)

Disable compression on volume.

disable_flexvol_dedupe(*args, **kwargs)

Disable deduplication on volume.

enable_flexvol_compression(*args, **kwargs)

Enable compression on volume.

enable_flexvol_dedupe(*args, **kwargs)

Enable deduplication on volume.

file_assign_qos(*args, **kwargs)

Assigns the named QoS policy-group to a file.

flexvol_exists(*args, **kwargs)

Checks if a flexvol exists on the storage array.

get_aggregate(*args, **kwargs)

Get aggregate attributes needed for the storage service catalog.

get_aggregate_capacities(*args, **kwargs)

Gets capacity info for multiple aggregates.

get_aggregate_capacity(*args, **kwargs)

Gets capacity info for an aggregate.

get_aggregate_disk_types(*args, **kwargs)

Get the disk type(s) of an aggregate.

get_cluster_peer_policy(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the cluster peering policy configuration.

get_cluster_peers(*args, **kwargs)

Gets one or more cluster peer relationships.

get_fc_target_wwpns(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the FC target details.

get_file_usage(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the file unique bytes.

get_flexvol(*args, **kwargs)

Get flexvol attributes needed for the storage service catalog.

get_flexvol_capacity(*args, **kwargs)

Gets total capacity and free capacity, in bytes, of the flexvol.

get_flexvol_dedupe_info(*args, **kwargs)

Get dedupe attributes needed for the storage service catalog.

get_if_info_by_ip(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the network interface info by ip.

get_igroup_by_initiators(*args, **kwargs)

Get igroups exactly matching a set of initiators.

get_iscsi_service_details(*args, **kwargs)

Returns iscsi iqn.

get_iscsi_target_details(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the iSCSI target portal details.

get_lun_by_args(*args, **kwargs)

Retrieves LUN with specified args.

get_lun_list(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the list of LUNs on filer.

Gets the LUNs from cluster with vserver.

get_lun_map(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the LUN map by LUN path.

get_node_for_aggregate(*args, **kwargs)

Get home node for the specified aggregate.

This API could return None, most notably if it was sent to a Vserver LIF, so the caller must be able to handle that case.

get_operational_lif_addresses(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the IP addresses of operational LIFs on the vserver.

get_performance_counters(*args, **kwargs)

Gets or or more cDOT performance counters.

get_performance_instance_uuids(*args, **kwargs)

Get UUIDs of performance instances for a cluster node.

get_provisioning_options_from_flexvol(*args, **kwargs)

Get a dict of provisioning options matching existing flexvol.

get_snapmirrors(*args, **kwargs)

Gets one or more SnapMirror relationships.

Either the source or destination info may be omitted. Desired attributes should be a flat list of attribute names.

get_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Gets a single snapshot.

get_snapshots_marked_for_deletion(*args, **kwargs)

Get a list of snapshots marked for deletion.

Parameters:volume_list – placeholder parameter to match 7mode client method


get_vol_by_junc_vserver(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the volume by junction path and vserver.

get_vserver_peers(*args, **kwargs)

Gets one or more Vserver peer relationships.

initialize_snapmirror(*args, **kwargs)

Initializes a SnapMirror relationship (cDOT 8.2 or later only).

is_flexvol_mirrored(*args, **kwargs)

Check if flexvol is a SnapMirror source.

list_flexvols(*args, **kwargs)

Returns the names of the flexvols on the controller.

mark_qos_policy_group_for_deletion(*args, **kwargs)

Do (soft) delete of backing QOS policy group for a cinder volume.

modify_snapmirror(*args, **kwargs)

Modifies a SnapMirror relationship.

mount_flexvol(*args, **kwargs)

Mounts a volume on a junction path.

provision_qos_policy_group(*args, **kwargs)

Create QOS policy group on the backend if appropriate.

qos_policy_group_create(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a QOS policy group.

qos_policy_group_delete(*args, **kwargs)

Attempts to delete a QOS policy group.

qos_policy_group_exists(*args, **kwargs)

Checks if a QOS policy group exists.

qos_policy_group_modify(*args, **kwargs)

Modifies a QOS policy group.

qos_policy_group_rename(*args, **kwargs)

Renames a QOS policy group.

quiesce_snapmirror(*args, **kwargs)

Disables future transfers to a SnapMirror destination.

release_snapmirror(*args, **kwargs)

Removes a SnapMirror relationship on the source endpoint.

remove_unused_qos_policy_groups(*args, **kwargs)

Deletes all QOS policy groups that are marked for deletion.

rename_flexvol(*args, **kwargs)

Set flexvol name.

resume_snapmirror(*args, **kwargs)

Resume a SnapMirror relationship if it is quiesced.

resync_snapmirror(*args, **kwargs)

Resync a SnapMirror relationship.

send_iter_request(*args, **kwargs)

Invoke an iterator-style getter API.

set_cluster_peer_policy(*args, **kwargs)

Modifies the cluster peering policy configuration.

set_iscsi_chap_authentication(*args, **kwargs)

Provides NetApp host’s CHAP credentials to the backend.

set_lun_qos_policy_group(*args, **kwargs)

Sets qos_policy_group on a LUN.

set_vserver(*args, **kwargs)
update_snapmirror(*args, **kwargs)

Schedules a SnapMirror update.

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