The ceilometer.api.hooks Module

class ceilometer.api.hooks.ConfigHook[source]

Bases: pecan.hooks.PecanHook

Attach the configuration object to the request.

That allows controllers to get it.

static before(state)[source]
class ceilometer.api.hooks.DBHook[source]

Bases: pecan.hooks.PecanHook

static get_connection(purpose)[source]
class ceilometer.api.hooks.NotifierHook[source]

Bases: pecan.hooks.PecanHook

Create and attach a notifier to the request.

Usually, samples will be push to notification bus by notifier when they are posted via /v2/meters/ API.

class ceilometer.api.hooks.TranslationHook[source]

Bases: pecan.hooks.PecanHook


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