The Module

Common functions for MongoDB backend.



Base Connection class for MongoDB driver.

get_meters(user=None, project=None, resource=None, source=None, metaquery=None, limit=None, unique=False)[source]

Return an iterable of models.Meter instances

  • user – Optional ID for user that owns the resource.
  • project – Optional ID for project that owns the resource.
  • resource – Optional resource filter.
  • source – Optional source filter.
  • metaquery – Optional dict with metadata to match on.
  • limit – Maximum number of results to return.
  • unique – If set to true, return only unique meter information.
get_samples(sample_filter, limit=None)[source]

Return an iterable of model.Sample instances.

  • sample_filter – Filter.
  • limit – Maximum number of results to return.
query_samples(filter_expr=None, orderby=None, limit=None)[source]

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