The ceilometer.publisher.http Module

class ceilometer.publisher.http.HttpPublisher(parsed_url)[source]

Bases: ceilometer.publisher.PublisherBase

Publisher metering data to a http endpoint

The publisher which records metering data into a http endpoint. The endpoint should be configured in ceilometer pipeline configuration file. If the timeout and/or retry_count are not specified, the default timeout and retry_count will be set to 1000 and 2 respectively.

To use this publisher for samples, add the following section to the /etc/ceilometer/publisher.yaml file or simply add it to an existing pipeline:

- name: meter_file
  interval: 600
      - "*"
      - http://host:80/path?timeout=1&max_retries=2

To use this publisher for events, the raw message needs to be present in the event. To enable that, ceilometer.conf file will need to have a section like the following:

[event] store_raw = info

Then in the event_pipeline.yaml file, you can use the publisher in one of the sinks like the following:

Http end point is required for this publisher to work properly.


Send an event message for publishing

Parameters:events – events from pipeline after transformation

Send a metering message for publishing

Parameters:samples – Samples from pipeline after transformation

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