This is the first release (Version 0.1) of Ceilometer. Please take all appropriate caution in using it, as it is a technology preview at this time.

Version of OpenStack
It is currently tested to work with OpenStack 2012.2 Folsom. Due to its use of openstack-common, and the modification that were made in term of notification to many other components (glance, cinder, quantum), it will not easily work with any prior version of OpenStack.
Currently covered components are: Nova, Nova-network, Glance, Cinder and Quantum. Notably, there is no support yet for Swift and it was decided not to support nova-volume in favor of Cinder. A detailed list of meters covered per component can be found at in Measurements.
Nova with libvirt only
Most of the Nova meters will only work with libvirt fronted hypervisors at the moment, and our test coverage was mostly done on KVM. Contributors are welcome to implement other virtualization backends’ meters.
Quantum delete events
Quantum delete notifications do not include the same metadata as the other messages, so we ignore them for now. This isn’t ideal, since it may mean we miss charging for some amount of time, but it is better than throwing away the existing metadata for a resource when it is deleted.
Database backend
The only tested and complete database backend is currently MongoDB, the SQLAlchemy one is still work in progress.
The current best source of information on how to deploy this project is found as the devstack implementation but feel free to come to #openstack-metering on freenode for more info.
Volume of data

Please note that metering can generate lots of data very quickly. Have a look at the following spreadsheet to evaluate what you will end up with.

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