The Module



Driver of network info collector from OpenDaylight.

This driver uses resources in “pipeline.yaml”. Resource requires below conditions:

  • resource is url
  • scheme is “opendaylight”

This driver can be configured via query parameters. Supported parameters:

  • scheme: The scheme of request url to OpenDaylight REST API endpoint. (default http)
  • auth: Auth strategy of http. This parameter can be set basic and digest.(default None)
  • user: This is username that is used by auth.(default None)
  • password: This is password that is used by auth.(default None)
  • container_name: Name of container of OpenDaylight.(default “default”) This parameter allows multi vaues.



In this case, the driver send request to below URLs:

get_sample_data(meter_name, parse_url, params, cache)[source]

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