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Put the event data into a HBase database


  • events:

    • row_key: timestamp of event’s generation + uuid of event in format: “%s:%s” % (ts, Event.message_id)

    • Column Families:

      f: contains the following qualifiers:

      • event_type: description of event’s type

      • timestamp: time stamp of event generation

      • all traits for this event in format:

        "%s:%s" % (trait_name, trait_type)

Return all event types as an iterable of strings.

get_events(event_filter, limit=None)[source]

Return an iter of models.Event objects.

Parameters:event_filter – storage.EventFilter object, consists of filters for events that are stored in database.

Return a dictionary containing the name and data type of the trait.

Only trait types for the provided event_type are returned.

Parameters:event_type – the type of the Event
get_traits(event_type, trait_type=None)[source]

Return all trait instances associated with an event_type.

If trait_type is specified, only return instances of that trait type. :param event_type: the type of the Event to filter by :param trait_type: the name of the Trait to filter by


Write the events to Hbase.

Parameters:event_models – a list of models.Event objects.

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