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# Copyright (C) 2014 eNovance SAS <>
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.

import re

from oslo_utils import timeutils
from six.moves.urllib import parse as urlparse

from import driver
from import client
from ceilometer import neutron_client

[docs]class OpencontrailDriver(driver.Driver): """Driver of network analytics of Opencontrail. This driver uses resources in "pipeline.yaml". Resource requires below conditions: * resource is url * scheme is "opencontrail" This driver can be configured via query parameters. Supported parameters: * scheme: The scheme of request url to Opencontrail Analytics endpoint. (default "http") * virtual_network Specify the virtual network. (default None) * fqdn_uuid: Specify the VM fqdn UUID. (default "*") * resource: The resource on which the counters are retrieved. (default "if_stats_list") * fip_stats_list: Traffic on floating ips * if_stats_list: Traffic on VM interfaces e.g.:: opencontrail://localhost:8081/?resource=fip_stats_list& virtual_network=default-domain:openstack:public """ @staticmethod def _prepare_cache(endpoint, params, cache): if 'network.statistics.opencontrail' in cache: return cache['network.statistics.opencontrail'] data = { 'o_client': client.Client(endpoint), 'n_client': neutron_client.Client() } cache['network.statistics.opencontrail'] = data return data
[docs] def get_sample_data(self, meter_name, parse_url, params, cache): parts = urlparse.ParseResult(params.get('scheme', ['http'])[0], parse_url.netloc, parse_url.path, None, None, None) endpoint = urlparse.urlunparse(parts) iter = self._get_iter(meter_name) if iter is None: # The extractor for this meter is not implemented or the API # doesn't have method to get this meter. return extractor = self._get_extractor(meter_name) if extractor is None: # The extractor for this meter is not implemented or the API # doesn't have method to get this meter. return data = self._prepare_cache(endpoint, params, cache) ports = data['n_client'].port_get_all() ports_map = dict((port['id'], port) for port in ports) resource = params.get('resource', ['if_stats_list'])[0] fqdn_uuid = params.get('fqdn_uuid', ['*'])[0] virtual_network = params.get('virtual_network', [None])[0] timestamp = timeutils.utcnow().isoformat() statistics = data['o_client'].networks.get_vm_statistics(fqdn_uuid) if not statistics: return for value in statistics['value']: for sample in iter(extractor, value, ports_map, resource, virtual_network): if sample is not None: yield sample + (timestamp, )
def _get_iter(self, meter_name): if meter_name.startswith('switch.port'): return self._iter_port def _get_extractor(self, meter_name): method_name = '_' + meter_name.replace('.', '_') return getattr(self, method_name, None) @staticmethod def _explode_name(fq_name): m = re.match( "(?P<domain>[^:]+):(?P<project>.+):(?P<port_id>[^:]+)", fq_name) if not m: return return'domain'),'project'),'port_id') @staticmethod def _get_resource_meta(ports_map, stat, resource, network): if resource == 'fip_stats_list': if network and (network != stat['virtual_network']): return name = stat['iface_name'] else: name = stat['name'] domain, project, port_id = OpencontrailDriver._explode_name(name) port = ports_map.get(port_id) tenant_id = None network_id = None device_owner_id = None if port: tenant_id = port['tenant_id'] network_id = port['network_id'] device_owner_id = port['device_id'] resource_meta = {'device_owner_id': device_owner_id, 'network_id': network_id, 'project_id': tenant_id, 'project': project, 'resource': resource, 'domain': domain} return port_id, resource_meta @staticmethod def _iter_port(extractor, value, ports_map, resource, virtual_network=None): stats = value['value']['UveVirtualMachineAgent'].get(resource, []) for stat in stats: if type(stat) is list: for sub_stats, node in zip(*[iter(stat)] * 2): for sub_stat in sub_stats: result = OpencontrailDriver._get_resource_meta( ports_map, sub_stat, resource, virtual_network) if not result: continue port_id, resource_meta = result yield extractor(sub_stat, port_id, resource_meta) else: result = OpencontrailDriver._get_resource_meta( ports_map, stat, resource, virtual_network) if not result: continue port_id, resource_meta = result yield extractor(stat, port_id, resource_meta) @staticmethod def _switch_port_receive_packets(statistic, resource_id, resource_meta): return int(statistic['in_pkts']), resource_id, resource_meta @staticmethod def _switch_port_transmit_packets(statistic, resource_id, resource_meta): return int(statistic['out_pkts']), resource_id, resource_meta @staticmethod def _switch_port_receive_bytes(statistic, resource_id, resource_meta): return int(statistic['in_bytes']), resource_id, resource_meta @staticmethod def _switch_port_transmit_bytes(statistic, resource_id, resource_meta): return int(statistic['out_bytes']), resource_id, resource_meta

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