B504: ssl_with_no_versionΒΆ


B504: Test for SSL use with no version specified

This plugin is part of a family of tests that detect the use of known bad versions of SSL/TLS, please see B502: ssl_with_bad_version for a complete discussion. Specifically, This plugin test scans for specific methods in Python’s native SSL/TLS support and the pyOpenSSL module that configure the version of SSL/TLS protocol to use. These methods are known to provide default value that maximize compatibility, but permit use of the aforementioned broken protocol versions. A LOW severity warning will be reported whenever this is detected.

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Config Options:

This test shares the configuration provided for the standard B502: ssl_with_bad_version test, please refer to its documentation.

>> Issue: ssl.wrap_socket call with no SSL/TLS protocol version
specified, the default SSLv23 could be insecure, possible security
   Severity: Low   Confidence: Medium
   Location: ./examples/ssl-insecure-version.py:23
23  ssl.wrap_socket()

New in version 0.9.0.