B105: hardcoded_password_stringΒΆ


B105: Test for use of hard-coded password strings

The use of hard-coded passwords increases the possibility of password guessing tremendously. This plugin test looks for all string literals and checks the following conditions:

  • assigned to a variable that looks like a password
  • assigned to a dict key that looks like a password
  • used in a comparison with a variable that looks like a password

Variables are considered to look like a password if they have match any one of:

  • “password”
  • “pass”
  • “passwd”
  • “pwd”
  • “secret”
  • “token”
  • “secrete”

Note: this can be noisy and may generate false positives.

Config Options:


>> Issue: Possible hardcoded password '(root)'
   Severity: Low   Confidence: Low
   Location: ./examples/hardcoded-passwords.py:5
4 def someFunction2(password):
5     if password == "root":
6         print("OK, logged in")

New in version 0.9.0.