B101: assert_used

B101: Test for use of assert

This plugin test checks for the use of the Python assert keyword. It was discovered that some projects used assert to enforce interface constraints. However, assert is removed with compiling to optimised byte code (python -o producing *.pyo files). This caused various protections to be removed. The use of assert is also considered as general bad practice in OpenStack codebases.

Please see https://docs.python.org/2/reference/simple_stmts.html#the-assert-statement for more info on assert

>> Issue: Use of assert detected. The enclosed code will be removed when
   compiling to optimised byte code.
   Severity: Low   Confidence: High
   Location: ./examples/assert.py:1
1 assert logged_in
2 display_assets()

New in version 0.11.0.