B506: yaml_load

B506: Test for use of yaml load

This plugin test checks for the unsafe usage of the yaml.load function from the PyYAML package. The yaml.load function provides the ability to construct an arbitrary Python object, which may be dangerous if you receive a YAML document from an untrusted source. The function yaml.safe_load limits this ability to simple Python objects like integers or lists.

Please see http://pyyaml.org/wiki/PyYAMLDocumentation#LoadingYAML for more information on yaml.load and yaml.safe_load

>> Issue: [yaml_load] Use of unsafe yaml load. Allows instantiation of

arbitrary objects. Consider yaml.safe_load(). Severity: Medium Confidence: High Location: examples/yaml_load.py:5

4 ystr = yaml.dump({‘a’ : 1, ‘b’ : 2, ‘c’ : 3}) 5 y = yaml.load(ystr) 6 yaml.dump(y)

New in version 1.0.0.